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When you learn how to use the tools, you will not get "noisy-blurry pictures of sun-set".

I think the A640 is a superb choice.

echinacea wrote:
Thank you all a lot

i think i will go with point and shoot first, perhaps A640.

when i stop taking too many video clips, when i hate the noisy-blurry pictures of sun-set and when i start to "think" and "compose" the pictures i am taking rather than "point" and "shoot", i will buy a D-SLR.
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You sound like a candidate for the Olympus E-330. It's the only DSLR that will give you a tilt screen (only verticle) LCD with "live view"--the ability to compose your shots on the LCD. It does have it's limitations, but overall may the best choice for your purposes.


Another choice, if you don't ever think you need much zoom, would be the Sony R1, which gives DSLR quality in a fixed lens camera, also with a live view LCD.

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May i say as a non expert theSony cybershot R1 is a terrific cameraI do so agree, look at one if you can find one I have had mine a little while nowand even my results are mostly superb,Its got one heck of a good lens ,itsin the R1 lens you know imo, As they say rubish in rubish out !For the price R1 has by far the best iq in town me thinksand so nice to use feels good in the hands.Rodo.8)
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[email protected] wrote:
tourists are using camera phones these days...
That's just so wrong on so many levels. I saw that in my recent vacation and just shook my head.

It sounds like Echinacea needs a ultra-zoom camera for the best of both worlds. The lenses on these things are amazing and will do everything. Since size is not important this is a good choice. A dSLR will have that great creativity factor and lens changing, but cost-wise, a Sony-R1, N5, or Canon S3 will do everything and more that would be required.

And this is coming from someone who hated P&S's but realized you can't have an SLR around you all the time (the lower lumbar thanks me).
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