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Primarily, I need a fast, sharp lens, lots of megapixels, and a camera body that doesn't hurt my hand.

Of secondary concern are good high ISO performance, fast autofocus, good zoom range including wide angle, and controls and commands where I can find them when I need them.

Note that my preferences are all about function, not about form. I DO NOT CARE WHAT COLOR IT IS.
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Hey guy,

I'm not sure what is is you're looking for or where you're coming from. One thing I do know, is that you posted this...'request for help' in the wrong forum. This is the "What Camera Should I Buy" forum. I don't think your intention is to buy a camera with the information you glean form this forum...or is it? If not, it might be better if you posted in the General Q&A forum.

Before you do, I think you should be up front and honest, and identify yourself to the members, and clearly state your purpose and intent. Then, restructure your request to solicit meaningful information.

Personally, I don't understand the question. Is this a poll? what are we supposed to do with the parameters you've listed...number them one through ten? Totally ignore them? It sounds to me like you are rounding up a set of parameters that YOU think must be important to everyone that is considering the purchase of a digicam. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the camera manufacturers think the same as you...IQ isn't important - megapixels and color are...low light/high ISO performance isn't important - small size and a big LCD are. If your sole purpose is to provide Nikon with a set of parameters that should be included in a new P&S model, I don't think you're going to determine those parameters from this survey, poll, questionaire, whatever it is you're calling this request.

If you don't mind, I'll just sit back and watch this thread for a while, before I contribute...just because I don't really think you care what I or anyone else thinks - you just want some numbers.

Good luck to you.

the Hun

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Very well said. There are more questions here than answers. I too felt there was indeed an element of deception and dishonesty. How are these results going to be used?

It appears to me that you needed a so called "test panel" and you figured you could get it here for free. It time for some more honesty and openess, Guy!

Sarah Joyce
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guychko wrote:
Hi everyone,

i'm a master student doing work on digital cameras, such as nikon coolpix series (or other brands. digital SLR exluded) and wanted to ask you, between these parameters, what's more important to you when looking for a new camera?:

- full automatic or manual options
- big zoom
- ergonomics - grip, buttons...
- mega pixels
- size - small and compact
- design - shape
- color
- big LCD
- batteries - AA or lithium
- easy use - intuitive, easy to operate

and what is missing in your camera? what would you add or improve?
any ideas for future cameras?...

your help is most appreciated : )

thanks you very much, and a lovely weekend


Seems pretty straightforward to me. Maybe posted in the wrong place but I don't see how credibility is suspect here.
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Old Apr 26, 2008, 3:49 PM   #15
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TCav - thank you for the straight answer. that's exactely what i was looking for.

rinniethehun - this is supposed to be a pole, with an intention of marking the listed parameters from the most important to the less important, and adding your own ideas or personal feeling.
about the image qulity - again, ofcourse it's important. i myself practice photography as a hobby, and i have an SLR camera. for me? i think that is the most important too. and infact, when i was looking to buy my camera, i started exactely with that - image qulity, ISO range, maximum speed, zoom - evrything concerning the qulity of image i can have.
but then what? wouldn't you go to a store and try to see the camera in person? hold it? feel it? see the menus? if the best camera in the world was offered at a resonable price, but you couldn't have hold it for more than a minute without your hand starting to hurt - would you still buy it?
as a designer, in most projects, the electrical or optical components are given. usually a company wont let you decide what there should be in the product - electronically, but you still have to do everything else - see what the needs of these product, research the market, the company, the competition, the comsumers, and then start to think how the product should look, the components arranged, size, materials, colors...
and this is just first concept fase.
the list of parameters? again, ofcourse it's not a full list. and it's not that i've decided that this is the only thing important. these are things i can work with and recomend to the company, besides image qulity which is a little byond the scope of my work in this case.
if all i needed was dry numbers - i wouldn't have bothered to ask here at all. or in other forums. or read reviews. but my role here is to see the real need, and from there act, not to make a nice looking camera and that's it. that's why i'm here.
vIZnquest - thank you...
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I agree with Tom - I don't really see any intent to deceive here. But in the spirit of providing actual help - I will reiterate that I believe your approach to gather information is flawed. You are essentially trying to do market research. If this is a serious project I strongly encourage you to enlist the assistance of someone adept at market research.

For example - I believe every responder here is a DSLR user. Probably NOT the major demographic of your buying audience. Yes, most still use digicams but still doubt it's the target demographic of the camera models in question. So, data gained from such sources is likely to skew your research.

If nothing else, do some research on the subject so you can write a poll that will more effectively gather the information you require.

Best of luck in your research.
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