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ponderman Sep 15, 2006 3:59 AM

I am trying to get Christmas shopping done before I get back from Iraq and my wife wants to get all the brothers ans sisters and her mom camera's. I dont want to pay thosands of dollars but i want to get them a nice one that runs less then 150 but has ast least 5.0 meg pix we a descent zoom. I looked atBrica DigiArt Z810 Brica amerasQQcmdZExpressItem

but seen someone here say it was junk. Any help i would appeiciate


rfortson Sep 15, 2006 9:11 AM

I'd stay away from this camera and instead go with a brand name. I bought an off brand camera for my sister that had good specs for a nice price. However, the pictures were just terrible. The colors were washed out, and all the shots had too much contrast. I thought my sister didn't know how to take pictures until I tried to get a decent picture and found out I couldn't. :-) You can find entry level models from just about all the major brands for under $150 each. Just make sure they have optical zoom (digital zoom is worthless - same as zoom in on your computer screen).

To save money, you can look for a model that's been recently replaced by a new one, or you can search the company websites for refurbished or closeout cameras. Kodak probably has the most variety in the low end, and they're pretty good, and easy to use.

Finally, thank you for your service. Keep your head down and come home alive. Best of luck to you and your comrades.


kenbalbari Sep 15, 2006 11:00 AM

In the <$150 range I'd look first to brands like Kodak, Fuji, and Canon and Panasonic. Some of these are still producing new 4MP models designed to sell in that range. For most you may find the 5MP is less than $20 more at current prices, but the Canon may only be available in a 4MP model for under $150; the A530 is a bit more.

A few to check out:

Best online prices, from a reliable seller, for many of these come from Beach Camera, once you take into account their free shipping. Check the links at the bottom of the reviews.

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