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Here is another KodakV-550 sample using the flash. I own a Casio Z-120, the AA battery using twin to the Casio Z-750 and my objection is that my Casio has a limited (7 to 8 feet) flash range, that requires me to use an accessory slave flash if I want a greater flash range for group/room shots.

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Thanks slipe for all the info that you have shared over here. The Canon SD450 is also a camera I am considering if the LCD problem is fixed. It has an optical viewfinder too. How bad is the resolution on the LCD for the SD450? Any other drawbacks you can think of ?

I think I am either going to go with the Kodak V-Series or the Canon SD450. If I buy the Kodak, I am leaning towards the V530 rather than the V550 because I later found out that the latter has slighlty larger dimensions. I checked out the V530 in the store and would not want to buy anything larger than that. The V530 is cheaper than the Canon SD450 but the only reason I might choose the Canon is because it has a optical viewfinder without going bigger in size.

Mtclimber, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and pictures.
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Since size is important to you, please note the Casio 500 in the chart that slipe was kind enough to post: only .6 inch thick, - a true shirt-pocket camera.

With apologies to Mt Climber, check the comments about this camera by Ken Rockwell.

Apparently the guy (who does know a bit about photography) seems to like it.

As for me, I opted fro a Casio 750, somewhat larger, but with an optical viewfinder, which is important to me.

The Casio 750 also has all sorts of cool manual settings which are EASILY set - including up to a full 60 second exposure - very unusual in digitals.

I was also very tempted by the Pentax wpi - WATERPROOF! - and the new Oplympus waterproof.

One day maybe the perfect digicam will be made!!

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Thank you everybody for your sincere suggestions and feedback. I finally bought a Kodak V530 the other day after doing a lot of research and reading a lot of reviews from past users. Since I bought it online, I will be only receiving it in a few days. I will get back to you with my first impressions of it. I hope I like it based on the reviews that I have read. One thing I know is not to expect a great battery life but I am willing to compromise on that because I don't travel that much and I am sure I will not be taking more than a 100 shots in one outing.
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