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I am confused by the two models Sony DSC H1 and the Sony DSC H2
There doesnt seem to be any comparison of the two models mentioned anywhere that I can find.
Is the H2 the later model.
I live in the UK and the H1 seems to get a far better rating, in one magazine being recommended as the very best in its class.
So if the H2 is the later model why is it not so good ?
I dont want to go out and buy the wrong one - so is it the H1 or H2 ??

Very confused
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The H1 is the older model, 5mp

They where announced together and came out I think a month apart.

The H2has a smaller lcd, but is 6mp, the H5 is 7mp.

Along with the H5, the H2 offers

A more controllable flash, and in fact its even more powerful than the powerful flash on the H1 !

Optical zoom while taking a movie

Much better higher ISO performance, the H1 had upto ISO400 but was realistically limited to ISO200. The newer cameras have a good 400, usable 800 (in a pinch) and 1000 if you are truely desperate.

The H2 and H5 both take the newer smaller duo sticks not the full sized sticks.

The H5 has the advantage of the much larger screen but has less room for the right hand to rest on the back, some of the buttons are said to get in the way until you get used to it. It also comes in black, which alone is reason to buy !

Both H2 and H5 offer manual peaking, eg while you are focusing manually which is difficult on cameras without a zoom ring, the areas in focus can be made to show highlighted in blue.

Both cameras now carry a badged Carl Zeiss lens, which apart from the possible new coatings is probably the same as the excellent Sony badged lens on the H1.

Which one you buy is up to you, try all the models out, but if I was choosing I would buy the H5 for the extra mp, the good high iso performance, and larger screen even if the battery life is less than the cameras with smaller screens.

One thing to note is while the H1's battery indicator was very reliable, the one on the H2 / H5 are very inaccurate.

Eg fully charged battery, 10 mins later drops to a third, then comes up the blinking warning.

If you ignore that you still get a good 250-300 shots even when being warning the battery is running out.

The H series cameras have their own guide written by AA Katz a professional photographer, it is way better than the Sony manuals.


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Thanks for that comprehensive info, very much appreciated.
I will also digest your link text
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I am also using the Sony H-5 and find it a great camera, capable of wonderful photos.

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