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Apologies if there's been similar threads already. Tried searching, but couldn't find answer to my dilemma which is whether to buy a sony a300 or the a350. Only difference is the sensor? And you can shootslightly quicker burston a300 because less information to process? A lot of people saying that image quality from the 10 megapixel a300 is superior to 14mp A350. Am thinking of using landscape images for printing cards. May occasionaly enlarge to A3. Do I need the extra megapixels bearing in mind there's £100 between the kits in Jessops at the minute? Graduating from my fujifilm compact. Want live view, got used to itusing compact, and really like thelook of sony live view system and tilting screen, plus I have a couple of minolta 35mm lenses from the old days which should fit nicely- all swaying me to the sony range. Would consider a700, but can't quite bring myself to stretch to the asking price.

Any advice gratefully received,


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Do I need the extra megapixels

I can't comment on the rest of the differneces. But if you're taking bad photos at 10mp they'll still be bad at 14mp. More often, you see exactly what you're hearing - that the extra MP actually result in worse quality. Manufacturers are a victim of their own marketing machine. For years they have marketed MP as the single most important feature in a camera. And the general public has embraced that notion. Other features are worth paying extra for. But for what you're talking about doing, there's no need to incur the extra cost and drawbacks.
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What lenses do you have?

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From Steve's Review of the Sony A350:

"When reviewing our sample images, I found the A350's image quality results to be very pleasing for an entry-level dSLR. We primarily shot using the 14M Large Fine JPEG setting and Program mode with the ISO set to 100. Doing so, the majority of our samples showed good overall exposure. When using the Standard creative style mode, color saturation was very natural looking. I was impressed with the low noise levels found when shooting available light shots of our M&M man. Noise was very low at ISO speeds of 800 and below. At ISO 800, you can start to see some signs in low contrast (shadow) areas when viewing an image at 100%. Using 1600, noise is present throughout the photograph. This also seems to be when the High ISO NR (Noise Reduction) kicks in. There is slight detail loss from this, which you can see by looking at the wording on the magazines in our samples. The ISO 3200 option shows even more noise, however, I feel both of these settings still have the ability to produce usable prints up to maybe an 8x10. ..."

At higher ISO settings, the A300 is very likely to provide better images than the A350. In landscape shots at midday, however, the A350 is likely to do as well as the A300, plus it will give you a higher resolution image.

I don't think you should discount the A350 just because it has higher noise at higher ISO settings,unless your application requiresyou tofrequently use a high ISO setting. For shooting landscapes in typical daylight where you can keep the ISO at 400 or lower, I don't think noise will bean issue, andI think the higher resolution will be an asset.
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