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garth09 Mar 7, 2006 5:22 PM

I have been looking for a really good camera without big disadvantages for 1 year and have found 2 cameras of Sony, the T9 and N1.
Ony Sony-Cameras make these wonderful bright and coulorful pictures.
Actualy I wanted to buy the N1 because the photos are in my opinion better. I have compared a lot of pictures from different cameras (of course with the same conditions like weather e.g.) and the N1 is only of little bit worse than a SLR like Canon EOS 20D!
I know it sounds unbelievably but if someone not believe me, then I can send the pictures!
The black on the photos of the N1 is really black and not so grey like from the T9.
But in many reviews from german users (I come from germany, but there isn't such a professional site) the opinion of the N1 isn't really good! They say that this camera is not practical because of the slow autofocus under dificult situations like in a disco.
In contrast to the T9.

Does anybody can help me?

slipe Mar 7, 2006 7:25 PM

The N1 has more Mp and a much stronger flash. It also has a larger screen but with the same total pixels as the one on the T9. I'm not sure whether the N1 touchscreen is a positive feature or not.

The T9 is smaller and lighter, but they are both compact. The great feature on the T9 is the true optical image stabilization. That is a big help in available light situations, although it doesn't help freeze motion.

I looked at some sample photos and didn't see the big difference you describe. They both take very nice photos from what I can see. The N1 would allow you to have a larger print made for the wall.

garth09 Mar 8, 2006 6:56 PM

Then look at these sample pictures:

Of course you cannot compare these pictures because the N1 takes this photo at a shutter speed of 30 sec. in contrast to 2 sec. of T9.

But there's more than this one reason why the N1 is so much better in this discipline.
The N1 has a much bigger photo-sensor of 1/1,8 and not 1/2,5, which is able to "catch" more light.
Apart from this, the lens of N1 is F2.8 and not 3.5.

I'd delight me if someone shows me, where I can find more sample photos in night-scenes!

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