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E.T wrote:
Compare 3MP digizoom shot to center portion of one taken without it. (use tripod for keeping framing exactly same between shots)
There's exactly same amount of details!
Real optical zoom/increasing focal length brings new, smaller details visible. (like when you go from half zoom to full zoom with zoom ring)
So it's pure digital zoom with changed clothes, they just left out the part of "mathemathically wild bottom guessing" new 5MP for getting "full" 8MP picture.

I'll just add a portion of my response that was given in our other posted topic of contention between us...

I understand and appreciate your position and 'hard-line' opinionon the Panasonic's 'Extended Optical Zoom' . You are correct in that the same image that is exposed on the center 5-MP or 3-MP portion of the 8-MP chip when employing the EOZ feature is the same data, albeit at an apparently reduced IQ, as is present if the full 8-MP image were exposed.

But, please note that I did not make any reference to this IQ aspect -- whether it was better, equal or worse. I merely stated the true issue in that, when utilizing the EOZ feature,one is afforded an image that is equivalent to 635mm. ie, the Field of View with this image is equivalent to a 635mm lens on a 35mm film. The image recorded is via an optical zoom and is not digitally interpolated upward in size. So it is not a 'digital zoom' in that sense.

It is analogous to cropping an 8-MP image to the center 5-MP or 3-MP except Itwas a metered, exposedimage at the time of the exposure --metered/exposed for the final, reduced FOVand was produced by an optically zoomed Leicalens (in the case of the Pany FZ7/FZ30 models). The resultant image produced has a Field of View equivalent to a ~635mm lens onto a 35mm film plane (in the case of the EOZ 3-MP setting).

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I just noticed the new review on this site of the Sony H5! It totally won me over to the H5, I'm going out tomorrow to get one just in time formy b-day. :-) I'm so glad it got such astellar review! I'd really been wanting the H5 after all the research I'd done, but had been hesitant due to very little in reviews and some negative postings regarding it's performance. Thanks Sintares for keeping up my hope in the H5 so I didn't run out and get something else in the meantime. I'm sure all the other cameras everyone mentioned here are great too though, and I really do appreciate everyone's feedback, I guess I just kinda had my heart set on the H5. Can't wait to get my very 1st digicam tomorrow! :G
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Sony H5 and Canon S3 are a tie..depends.....both good...Sony has great screen 3 inch but has focus problem occasionally at long distance..See Steaves H5 film clip in his review. Baseball runner near first bad goes out of fucus for 1/2 secind then back in.Canon screen to small and not clear..Id dare say SOny / Canon is a tie..depends what you need best....best buy is S2 discontinued...
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Congratulations on your purchase! Let us hear from you when you have had a chance to play with the H5. To be honest, before I settled on the FZ7, the H5 was very high on my list, so I'd appreciate reading your review of its performance and image quality. :|
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