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Hey there. I bought both the Sony DSC T1 and the Casio Exilim Z55. I am going to keep one and return one. Problem is I cant quite decide which one to keep! They both have their ups and their downs. Im going to list my observations about each and than list what im looking for. Any feedback is much appreciated.

First off for the Sony:
Pros: Sharp Pictures, Beautiful LCD, A bit faster in between shots, Slightly slimmer than the Z55, Nice sliding lens cover and feels great in my hand.
Cons: Weakish flash and lots of red-eye, proprietary memory sitck memory that is expensive.

And now for the Casio:
Pros: SD Memory that is cheap, Optical viewfinder in addition to LCD, Slightly more vivid colors than the Sony, $50 cheaper than the Sony, Long battery life
Cons: Pictures not quite as sharp as sony, lcd no good in low light, slightly thick, slightly slower than Sony.

Im looking for a good all around camera and I would like one that is visually stunning and super thin. Speed as well as image quality is a priority for me. I feel like im comparing apples and oranges here. I like to take closeups of plants. I paid for $318 for the CASIO and $380 for the SONY. I would consider returning both and going for the Casio S100(comparable to Z55 but much thinner?) or the Powershot SD300 (which I hear is very slow?) Theres also the Sony DSC-T33 which is coming out soon and is available now on eBay. THANKS TO EVERYONE IN ADVANCE!
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If you like the T1, how about the Sony M1?

The ultra-compacts that I like are the Canon SD300 and Panasonic FX7.
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Casio S100 uses new ceramic material for the lens instead of traditional glass to achieve the small size. The print reviews I have seen of the S100 mentions slightly lower image quality compared to other glass lens ultracompact cameras. It may still take few years to bring ceramic lens quality to the same level as glass.

IMO, the most visually stunning ultracompact is the Olympus Ferrari AZ-1 for the design and material.
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The Sony M1 and the Olympus Ferrari are both a bit expensive but the Ferrari is a nice one. What keeps me away from the Canon SD300 is thelongrecycle timebetween flash photos. The Z55 doesnt have a great LCD and is a bit slow and the DSC-T1 has a bad flash. The new DSC-T33 is intriguing perhaps they improved the flash?
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