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I'm planning on buying an extremely small camera that I could always keep with me in the breast pocket of my jacket. I'd take it with me to clubs and bars, and take pictures of my friends in or outside the bar when it's kinda dark. However, I wouldn't take pics with no lighting at all so there would always be some kind of lighting (street lights, mood lights etc.)

Sony DSC-T9 looks to be the most promising one for me of the three since it reportedly has less noise and purple fringing than Panasonic FX9 and its stylishness and slimness appeals to me more than the kinda classic design of FX9. Sony's T-series hasn't got exactly the best rep with T5 and T7 being kinda dissappointments, but according to a review from dcsource T9 is finally the T-serie-model we all wanted the previous models to be. Like Panasonic, it also has O.I.S image stabilazation system. Many have said that FX9 would be the obvious choice for me because of its superior flash, but apparently T9 has a decent flash (for an ultracompact) and that begs the question: is FX9's flash so superior to the one on T9 that one should choose FX9 based on that alone forgetting all the good things in T9.

Then there's the Fujifilm Z2 towards which I don't feel that strongly. Z1 hasn't exactly been a winner and though Z2 should be an improvement Sony T9 seems to have more quality compared to it. Z2, for example, doesn't seem to have the O.I.S. Granted it has got high ISOs and some have said less noise in high ISO than Sony T9. Z2 might have the edge on ISOs but beyond that, I feel it loses to T9 and FX9.

At the end of the day, I'm looking for a fun camera which looks cool, isn't complicated to use and takes decent pictures. I know with an ultracompact the pics won't be all quality always but the extra small size my top criterium (weight must be under 180g, so for example Fujifilm F10 won't do). Oh, I should mention that I NEED a black model so that restricts the choice even further. In theory, Panasonic FX9 seems to be the one to beat in low light conditions but Sony T9's abilities have already been praised (again, T9 reportedly has less noise and purple fringing than FX9). Right now, T9 is my top choice.

I know that there's going to be people who come to this thread recommending bigger cameras dispite my wanting an extra small camera. I realize that low light conditions are tricky for ultracompacts, but I've seen a lot of those type of pics taken with my friend's camera:
And those pics worked out good enough for me.

So which of THESE THREE would you choose? I know some people are just waiting to get to do some Sony-bashing but keep in mind that several people have said that you can't really compare T9 to the previous T-series' models because the performance is supposed to be way better in every area. One last piece of info: I live in Finland and it's winter now so the camera might be exposed to about 0 F cold for 5-15 minutes at a time.
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From what I have read the Z2 doesn't have the great high ISO capabilities of the F10. Stabilization is better except for moving targets. Stabilization lets you hand hold at much lower shutter speeds, but motion blurs.

If you find the F10 too large I think either the T9 or FX9 are excellent cameras. The FX9 has better aperture at wide but the T9 has a slight aperture advantage zoomed. I think it is a wash.

It appears you can crank up the ISO a little more successfully with the T9. It might be ever so slightly the better choice for low light.

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