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Wanting to purchase a digital camera (I'm a newbie). 4-5 megapixel - $300-400. Think I have it narrowed down to these two - Canon A95 (like the rotating LCD) and Sony DSC-W1 (nice, large LCD). Will be taking photos of family members, inside and outside, my daughter's sporting events, vacations, .... Pretty basic stuff. Mostly will need 4x6 but occassionally will need 5x7 or 8x10. Have a camcorder so no real need for movie capability. As far as manual options - have a camera now with lots of manual options but I rarely use them. However my children are getting older now so maybe I will have time to learn how to use the manual options.

Want the camera with the best quality photos I can get. Would like to keep the cost for everything (case, extra memory cards, etc.) at about $400.

Thanks in advance for your help. It is much appreciated.
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Considering that you don't want to sink too deeply into the bog that is manual modes, I'd advise going with the W1. It is a really responsive little camera which takes great quality shots. It gives quite a bang for the buck.


Good luck with your search! ~Jack
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The W1 is less expensive, but it's deceptive because of the MS media is SOO much more expense than CF.
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Given that you don't use manual controls very much, the W1 seems like the perfect camera for you. It does have a bit of manual controls, so u can still experiment a bit. Sony cameras are known to focus fast in low light, so that is excellent for indoor pictures and since they are quite fast, it always helps for sporting events, even tho I doubt you would get good results with either cameras if there was some indoor sporting events.
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Hello, this is my first post. I've been lurking for a while, and am in a very similar situation as the original poster.

However, I would like to again bring up the problem I keep reading about (by users, never reviewers) with the W1: blurry photos in low light situations. Everything I've read says the only way to avoid this issue is to use Manual mode to override the slow shutter speed unless flash is enabled. Then if using flash, you have to be very careful to pre-focus shots or you'll still end up blurry as the shutter will fire before the AF is finished.

None of the recommendations included this piece of info, yet it is the sole reason I'm still reading reviews and searching for my perfect camera and not owning a W1.

Am I misunderstanding the issue these users are having? Or should the poster possibly consider the a95 over the W1 after all? Of course, then slow cycle times on the a95 come into play...
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Since 1 month I own a Sony W1. It's indeed very fast. But i've one main problems: flash photos of children will produce very red eyes, even with red-eye reduction on.

I even get yellow eye-reflection if the flash comes from aside when i'm taking profile pictures.

There is also a handling problem: to set the camera om RER you have to go through the set-up menu instead of a facility on the four-way knob outside the camera back: there's a flash-on - flash-off facility but no red eye reduction on that place.

Sometimes I got blurry pictures, especially when the camera uses multi focus: the solution is -I read it elsewhere- to set the camera on spot-focus!
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Thanks to all of your for your advice/info. After reading a couple of more reviews, I think I will go with the A95. I forgot to mention that I use a Mac and the review I read just last nightsaid the W1 is not very Mac friendly. There are just so many choices it makes it very hard to decide. This forum is fantastic and has helped me tremendously. Thanks again. If anyone has any other suggestions/ideas, I'm listening!
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