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Which of these cameras I should buy? Is the only difference betwen them is 2megapixels more on w170? Is it worth to spend extra cash on w170 and get just 2 megapixels more? and the final question, is there any limitation for video recording on these cameras :-D ? THANKS!
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Good question. Here it is 3 months later and I have the same question. You can compare all the Sony modelsat the Sony website. But, that doesn't help much either.
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I bought a DSC-W150 off Amazon. It took horrible pictures, easily noted when one zooms in on an area. I returned it and got another one. Same issue. The problem is too many pixels crammed into a small CCD sensor. It's rampant with manufacturers. Some do it better than others; Sony fails in this area. Go to a store and perform this simple test: take a picture, zoom in, and if you notice any thing worse than a very slight loss of sharpness, you got problems. This attribute runs across the entire W-series, from what I've seen.

I'm disappointed that Steve's Digicams seem to give every camera reviewed a passing grade, or at the very least soft-peddles the poor performance of a camera, no matter how unacceptable. I can't trust his reviews, at least not where picture quality is concerned.
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One point that I think that we should not dismiss it that ultra compact cameras inherently have a problem in producing excellent image quality due the ultra small design which promotes camera shake and camera movement that even IS cannot overcome.

Moving up just a little in camera size will produce much better image quality and also give you added features. Take the Sony H-10 for example. Yes, it is a bit bigger than the ultra zooms, but it is still conveniently small, and very pocket-able.

Here is a perfect example. This photo is from the the Sony H-10, and perhaps that upgraded image quality will be please to you. Notice that it has excellent dynamic range with pleasantly blue skies and fluffy white clouds, as well as pleasing sharpness. The H-10 also gives you 10X optical zoom and the best built-in flash in the industry. The flash range can reach out to 23 feet in contrast to the usual 10 to 12 feet.

Sometimes you can get a dramatic image quality improvement by just moving up a bit in the camera food chain.

Sarah Joyce
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