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It seems to me that all of this cameras have one thing in common-they all miss something that other one has got.Sony is quick and well engineered while its bulky, hp is strong on features and has docking station yet lacks design, canon is beautiful and has good image quality yet seems rather fragile.This will be my first digital camera.Please help
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i own the dscw5 and i am very happpy with it. When i bought mine it was a weighn up between the ixus 50 and the dscw5. I ended up on the w5 as i noticed a significant amount of noise compared to the w5with the ixus50.

I dd too, find the w5 a little bigger but once i held both i did feel more comfortable with the w5. i think its size just make its a bit more managable. Other than tht i was sorta put off by the ixus batt life of arnd 90min (I think) compared to my Sony which lasts forever. And the replacment batts are rrp $79.99 NZD compared to rrp $16.99 NZD for the sony.

There are alot of people saying that the w5 produces blurry images and alot of people who say they are fools. I think this cam is outstanding and you can just look at what steve says about it. I think he ranks it 2nd best 5mp. Cant go wrong.
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kenmck 15-

I really do agree with you. The Sony W-5 is a very good and capable digital camera. In almost every single complaint of problems with the W-5, I have found that it was user error not a camera error. I am a digital camera instructor.

Sarah Joyce
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i assume you already bought your first digital camera by now, anyways those 3 digital cameras you mentioned were also my first choices. i wanted to buy another camera for my self since the first one is being used by my daughter. Sony DSC72 is my first digital camera so i thought i may want to try another brand, canon SD400 is pretty compact camera and a good quality too but too slim for me, i am in a habit of taking photos of my self (always traveling) using timer & without tripod, i just place the camera down on a flat surface, and i think it would be difficult to do that on a canon SD400. So i bought an HP 817r camera, still compact and also able to fulfill my need. takes good pic too and lots of features.....
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