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hey wassup !
I had juss decided on purchasing the H1 wen out here they announced the H2.(india, came as a surprise coz usually they dont announce such products immediately as they announce in the international markets)
Well theyseem to be the same to me both lookwise and feature wise(besides some minor diff)
1)the H2 uses the same 1/2.5ccd but with more mp(6mp vs 5mp) , so cramp more mp on the same sized ccd is definatley gonna increase the noise levels rite ?
2) the h2 uses carl-ziess lens whereas the h1 uses sony , so is there gonaa be much diff becoz of this? even though i thin that the carl-ziess lens used by sony ar made in house (as in made in the same place where the digicams are made)
i doubt if the increased sensitivity would be required by me ...
So wat ya suggest ? Im basically gonna tace pics of landscape and macros(flowers) and may be sometime indoor pics , though not that much for the indoor pics i have my beloved p72 wid which im really happy
Actually basically its only the lens im kinda worried bout, mite be(though a very minute chance) that the h2 cz lens mite be abit better ?
Anywayz thanz for ya valuable time
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The more there's megapixels the higher noise is.
Also H2's "high sensitivity" mode is pure lie, grossly exceeding capabilities of such tiny sensor and required extremely heavy noise reduction destroys even colours...

Propably lenses are exactly same, to other they just stamped that name.

Now if it's landscapes what you like most I wouldn't recommend ultrazooms, because those have lousy wide angle.
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The lens used on the H-1 that is just marked as Sony has received a very good reception here in the USA. Most users do not detect any optical difference in the two (Sony versus Carl Zeiss) lenses.

Personally, I would choose the Sony H-1 and save some money. By cramming another pixelon to the same imager on the H-2,logically speaking, that is the formula for increased noise and need for more noise reduction in the in camera processing. The result would seem to be an image with more resolution, but of much poorer quality.

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