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icey186 Aug 5, 2006 12:44 PM

:Dim still thinking twice which one i should get, pls help!!!! i like the sony bcos: battery life (2XAA), smart zoom up to 52X, 3' LCD, Speed. Canon: Panorama sticher, vivid colour, speed .....

Help !!!:D

kassandro Aug 6, 2006 6:20 AM

You mentioned already a few advantages of the S3. There are more. The S3 has a very useful swivel display and the best movie mode, while the H5 has one of the worst. In fact, the S3 movie mode seems to be more than competitive with a good camcorder as far as movie quality is concerned. With 4 batteries the S3 should last longer than the the H5 with 2. As far as image quality is concerned there shouldn't be much of a difference, perhaps a slight advantage for the H5. Finally the S3 uses cheap standard SD cards while the H5 uses proprietary memory sticks, which are more expensive and are no more usable with your next camera, if it is not a Sony.

kglade Aug 9, 2006 2:50 PM

I'd go with the Canon. I haven't tried out the H5, though I did have the H2. Ultimately, I sent it back. I have since purchased the S3 IS and LOVE IT. Not that it doesn't have a learning curve, but the video is so far superior to Sony's, and battery life is a ton better. Battery life was very poor with the H2, and that didn't have nearly as big a LCD as the H5, so I can only imagine how fast you burn through batteries with the bigger screen. Image quality was very comparable between the H2 and the S3 IS. I found a great deal on my S3 for 399.00 at Do a search for coupons for various internet sites and it will help bring cost down too. Good luck on your decision.

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