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hey everybody! i hope i will get my answers here - was searching the net for an appropriate forum till my eyes hurt!

anyway - i am seriously considering buying an HD camcorder, and after looking through the internet and site-stores at my country - i thought i came to a decision - the sony HDR-SR5E. but then i've bumped into the almost 1/3 priced so-much cheaper sanyo VPC-HD1A. i know the comparison is hard, because the sony must be a better camcorder, considering its *3 price, no? but still - if anyone here knows those 2 cams - i'll be happy to get recommendations and answers for the next questions:

1. the sanyo claims to have full 720P HD - how is the actuall quality of this camera?(color capture, zooming, focus, smoothness, etc)

2. i saw that both cams got the ability to catch stills while filming video - can you tell me anything about the quality of the pictures taken on both models?

3. if you look at the dry specifications - the only big adventage for the sony model seems to be the 40GB HDD...does it worth adding 650$ for it(i live in israel - atm the sony cheapest price i found is around 1150$, while the sanyo costs 450$).

4. regardless those 2 HD camcorders - what can you tell me of the sony DCR-hr62e SD model? it seems to have nice *25 optic zoom. how is the vid qaulity? what's the highest video resolution?

5. does a digital zoom worth something when used on HD camera, such as the sony HDR-SR5E?

thank you all for answering my kinda noob questions. i'd really rather spend not so much money as the sony, but if you guys brighthen my eyes with its benifits over the cheaper sanyo, i might work my bottom off and get the sony after all.

thanks! have a great day
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The $299 Kodak Z812 IS a HD video and still digital with terrific performance except for one area AUDIO. Audio recording in live enviornments is so distorted its unusable.

As discussed in another thread: Do not buy the Kodak Z812 if you want decent audiorecorded with loud, live, or background music playing, as the Kodak Z812 cannot handle it and makes the recorded audio unuseable

Link: http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...=18&page=3

Click your spacebar or the video pane to launch video and audio from a Kodak Z812 IS



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I've used a Sony H5 to take standard video and good stills to make holiday DVDs, but have now purchased a Panasonic HDC-SD5 camcorder specifically to make a video of our son's wedding. The stills are OK but inferior to my digital cameras (D40, F31, and Casio compacts). The raw video clips look great on an HD TV, but the capability to edit is limited at present with the AVCHD compression used on flash memory. It is difficult to even make a good DVD with standard definition video, so this is a point to bear in mind if you intend editing, adding titles, audio tracks, etc, with commercial video editing software.

Regarding the two camera/camcorders you are considering, it depends which is more important - stills or video? The Sanyo is probably the best compromise judging from the reviews, but I have no personal experience of either. Editing HD video with either will not be straightforward at present.
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