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I think I've pretty much narrowed my options down to these two cameras. I'm after a very compact camera for travelling, which takes good quality photos for it's size. I understand I have to sacrifice on image quality because of the physical size of the camera but would like the best I can get. It must be at least 5 MP, have optical image stabalisation and at least a 2.5" LCD. The Sony has been a favourite since I have seen it as I love the physical size and appearance. However the Panasonic is slightly cheaper and uses cheaper memory. I am willing to sacrifice the appearance of the Sony to save money but not image quality. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and any different camera suggestions will certainly be taken on board. (Sorry about the one solid paragraph, even if i put a 2 line break in the middle it still posts as one big block...?)
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Several people have complained about the board software compiling their paragraphs into a large one, but I haven't encountered the problem.

Both cameras have advantages. The T9 combines stabilization with much better than average high ISO capability. That would make it an excellent camera for indoor shots like concerts where you can't use flash.

If you are into macro, the folded lens cameras like the T9 usually let you take flash shots at extreme macro ranges because the lens doesn't extend to block the flash. The rest of the T series is good for that, so I would think the T9 is as well.

They finally put a decent flash on the T9 – previous T series cameras were woefully deficient in the flash. It isn't great, but it is useable. There is a possibility the T9 has the same flash and they just crank up the ISO in auto to get a longer flash range like the Fuji F10 does. I haven't seen a review that covers the auto ISO in flash, but it does allow for decent flash range however they do it.

The 58Mb of internal memory is excellent on the T9. Internal memory is useful for photo albums and such, plus if your card fails you can still get some photos. The FX9 comes with a throw-away 16Mb card and no internal memory.

Many people don't like the sliding covers on the T series. The T9 is evidently improved, but Jeff at DCRP still doesn't like it.

The FX9 has an excellent burst mode. That is handy for marginal conditions to hit a null moment of hand or subject movement. It also has good night capability on a tripod or sitting on something with shutter speeds up to 60 seconds. The T9 is limited to 2 seconds, which isn't great for anything but night city scenes with lots of lights. You can crank up the ISO better on the T9 for night shots to make it a little more versatile, but it isn't as good as the FX9.

They both have excellent optics and photo quality. You would probably be hard pressed to see any difference. Evidently both cameras hunt a little in low light. They both have assist lamps and Jeff at DCRP thought the FX9 did better, but dpreview listed low light focus as a problem with the FX9. They both have excellent LCDs. The lens on the FX9 is a little faster at wide and a little slower at telephoto – about a wash.

If you compare apples to apples with a high speed SD card and Memory Stick Pro Duo I don't think you will find a really big difference in memory price for name brands. Evidently the Venus engine on the FX9 does best with a high speed card. Amazon has a 512Mb SanDisk Memory Stick Duo Pro card for $40 and free shipping. You won't do a lot better than that with a name brand high speed SD card.

Steve is about to finish his T9 review, but currently the only good site I see with full reviews of both to compare is DCRP.

My personal preference would be for the T9 because of the good high ISO, but I don't think you would go wrong with either. I also like being able to carry a permanent photo album in permanent memory. I presume the T9 allows that where the FX9 has no internal memory.

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And just to complicate things a little more....

My original choices were between the just released Sanyo VPC-C6 and the Sony T-9, but after reading a LOT of info, it seems that the Canon SD450 also falls into a similar league when it comes to picture quality...EXCEPT for its low light still capability.
For that reason, I've pushed it further down my list since I like to take lots of indoor party pics.

So now it's back to T-9 versus SD450. Any thoughts, opinions, etc.? Both of these cameras seem to be all around decent performers with nothing that really stands out. For a carry around, I suspect they'd both be about equal.

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Hi all. I'm new to this forum but it looks like one I should get involved with. Until recently I have used an Olympus C3000 Zoom camera. It actually take excellent pictures but Iwanted to start using something easier to carry around and not wear around my neck. After lots and lots of reading reviews, etc, I decided to purchase a T9. I have had it for about a month now. Now I will admit that I am not an accomplished photographer but the T9 should not require one.

I have found that in good light, particularly outside, the T9 takes absolutely stunning pictures by my standards. However, I have not gotten any really good pictures under low light conditions. The white balance never seems right, the pictures always have poor color shading. I find the flash range to be terrible and any time I try to not use the flash indoors, I find I get a lot of noise in the pictures.

Now maybe there are things I am not doing properly. But for a camera that is mostly automatic with very little manual control, you shouldn't have the opportunity to do that many things wrong.

I answered this thread because I sawit mentioned that you were looking for a camera that would get a lot of indoor use. I wouldnot recommend it for that given my personal experience. Perhaps there is someone who could have the opposite opinion and suggestwhat I do wrong. I trydifferent scene modes, different program settings, nothing seems to really give me good indoor pictures. If I use the flash and stay within about 6 feet, the shots are pretty good. Red eye is amajor problem and I also get a lot of bright white eye stuff, which is usually reserved for filming pets.

I have actually considered getting rid of my T9 and eitherjust going back to my old camera and tryingto find another to buy. I have no concern for price but I do have a concern for being friendly to carry around a lot.

I don't know if any of this helps but Ithought I would throw some personal experience into the mix either to help you or to get suggestions of what I could be doing wrong with dealing with low light shooting.

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