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jimts Dec 13, 2004 5:16 AM


i would like to suggest me one of these 3 digital cameras sony V3, sony P100 or sony P150.i want you to consider the quality of photos and videos!

any other suggestion of other digital camera would be acceptable!

please help!


Meryl Arbing Dec 13, 2004 10:09 AM

The V3 and P150 both are 7Mp cameras and the picture quality is exellent. Of course the difference is in size and control. The V3 has many more options for creative control but you pay for that with a much larger size. The P150 has limited controls but you can easily keep it in your pocket.

I would suppose that it depend on your shooting style and your expected use for the camera. If you are primarily a casual shooter who wants a portable camera that you can use anywhere, then the P150 is preferable. As a secondary or back-up to a larger camera, the P150 would be a good choice too.

If you want to have more creative say in what the camera is doing then the v3 offers those options. It has a greater range of available fstops and more accessible controls as well as the advantage of supplementary lenses and external flash units.

In a choice between the P100 and the P150. If you are planning to make prints, then the more pixels the better. If you are only looking to email or post on the web then extraresolution of the P150 will be lost in the downsizing. Some people prefer higher resolution images because it allows more flexible cropping without losing too much detail. Also, the P100 is cheaper than the P150. However, the reviews of the P150 have been exceptionally good and, I think it is probably a step above the P100 in more than just resolution.

All of the cameras you have mentioned are capable of taking good pictures, it is your shooting style and plans that will be the deciding factor.

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