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mr_nice! Jun 21, 2006 9:50 AM

First of all want to thank this Steve's Digicam Website the reviews have been brilliant.

I have decided to purchase either the Sony DSC W70 or the W100 and as I have no experience about cameras I would appreciate your comments.

Firstly I have had an absolute stinker chosing which camera to use. I was torn between the Sony W70/W100 and the Canon S80 but decided the S80 is probably better for more experienced users and for the likes of me I will get the same out of the Sony but it comes in a smaller package.

The real reason I posted was I would like help chosing between the W70 and the W100. I appreciate that the resolution of the W100 is better (I may be corrected but I would imagine 7M pix is quite enough) but its the statement from his review of the W70 ( which says


The DSC-W70 model has a maximum ISO setting of 1000, while the DSC-W100 model extends to IS0 1250 for even greater control

I have read up that this means that the camera is capable of resolving an image at lower light levels, but what I am not sure is if this is relevant to me. As a newbie I am unsure if one day I wil say 'bugger I wish I had an ISO 1250 setting on this camera'????

Is there any other reason which makes the W100 stand out, and generally I would appreciate what your thoughts are on the which to buy


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