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hi al
which cam is better the SONY's
Series T - DSC-T90/S
or i should go in for the cannon power shot series that will be the A-series or the Sx110

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If you want something you can carry in your shirt pocket the only choice is the Sony with those listed. If you want a 10X zoom in a camera that won't fit in your pocket get the SX110. If you want something you can squeeze into your jeans pocket that is relatively inexpensive look at the A series. A club I belong to bought an A590 and I was surprised at the small size. Nothing like the thin T90, but very small compared to the old A series models. The A590 is a super bargain IMO.

One caveat is that the SX110 and most of the A series take the dated VGA movies where the Sony will shoot much nicer wide HD movies. The difference is dramatic viewed on an HD TV.

Both the SX110 and A series Canons have manual controls if you are into that. After insisting on manual controls for years I've come to the conclusion they aren't really necessary in a pocket camera. The limited things you can do with manual controls on a pocket camera can be easily duplicated with scene modes unless you are into night photography on a tripod.

An alternative you might consider is the Panasonic TZ5 or ZS1. Both have HD movies and you can use the optical zoom while filming. The TZ5 is 10X optical and the ZS1 is 12X. Both are smaller than the SX110 and can fit in jeans pockets – although you are really aware they are there. The TZ5 is in your price range and the new ZS1 is currently pricey IMO. But it is the better choice if the price isn't a big factor. I would prefer either to the SX110 because of the size, metal build, movies, better LCD and wide angle capability. Both Panasonics are pure point and shoot but have a lot of interesting features.

Unless you plan on making extreme crops or very large prints I doubt you would see an image quality difference in any of them. I'm not a fan of the Sony memory sticks, but the price difference isn't that big a deal and unless you have other SD devices you will marry the card to the camera anyway. Sony does seem to be getting decent speed from their memory – unlike the crappy xD cards on some Olympus and Fuji models.

Another small camera that might be worth a look is the Fuji F200. It is quite pricey being a new model, but it has great low light capabilities. It might be worth a look when the price comes down some.

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hi slipe

thanks for your advice
i wanted to know is sony that good , i mean in terms of picture quality as compared to cannon
the thing is if i go in for a lighter lithium battery IXUS series it is costly , and for the same price i can get a sony touchscreen T series cam
another good option as u also mentioned was the Aseries.the a 590
and here i get confused and i am not able to decide which camera to buy
and i have my apprehensions being a new bie
about panasonic i havent checked up as yet
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