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Wow guys thank you so much for all the insight. I didn't think i'd get so many quick responses. Thanks Tcav for the useful link. I also didn't know there'd be many things to photograph at night in the safari. In general I'm leaning toward the K-x, But I am quite tempted by all the features of a super zoom like the fuji one, especially since my girlfriend just loves to set everything on auto or night shot and get good pics. We currently have a canon a720, which was a pretty darn good p&s but we both agree it's time to step up. Ideally we'd get a super zoom for her and a dslr for me, but the pennies won't stretch that far. Oh and thanks sky for the monopod recommendation, seems pretty handy and I wasn't aware those things existed :s. Anyway, thanks again to everyone, When I come back I'll post some pics with the camera you guys helped me chose.
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Originally Posted by omagic28 View Post
Anyway, thanks again to everyone, When I come back I'll post some pics with the camera you guys helped me chose.
Hi again Omagic28,

One last thought. Since your upcoming trips will be vacation rather than business trips, the main thing is to enjoy seeing everything with your naked eyes first and make shooting secondary. Don't view everything through a view finder or on a LCD screen. I did that once many years ago when the Hi-8 camcorders were first released. When the trip was over I realized that I saw all of the important stuff through the view finder as if I had watched it on TV.

Enjoy your trip(s) and looking forward to your pics,
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I'd go for a good super zoom (I believe the FZ35 is probably the best out there at the moment, even though it does not have the longest lens). It's a good compromise.

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If you plan on not using it at night in kenya, the megazoom will work fine. But if you are planning to shoot in the bush or at the camp site at night, there is really no light except for moonlight in kenya bush country. And the low light ability will be a better asset. But if you are going back to the hotel or town at night. The Megazoom will give you a simpler package.


If on your safari you plan on taking some of the animals in action, the higher speed auto focus system will be better for tracking them then on a megazoom with a contrast base AF system. Just something else to consider.
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The tough part will be shooting the Norhtern Lights.

A maximum aperture of f/2.8 at ISO 400 will require an exposure time of 30 seconds. (Plus a wide angle lens, tripod and a remote release.) At the wide end, the FZ35 has an aperture of f/2.8 and a 35mm equivalent focal length of 27mm. (I'm pretty cerain it will go up to ISO 400, and though I can't find a remote, the self-timer should work as well.)
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