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S2 because they switched to SD, FZ20 because it's HUGE (but I like the fast lens), H1 because it takes memory stick and afaik (even though it's Sony) doesn't have a nightshot function.

So... while the camera I'm looking for may not be out yet, anyone have any idea what might possibly be the next camera (and when it will be available) that has the following:
preferably no bigger than the S1 IS - like for example when turned off / lens retracted, actually preferably thinner (why couldn't they just use multiple sections to get longer focal lengths? I'm willing to sacrifice some aperture at the long zoom so long as some other criteria to be listed are met)
longer zoom - at least a focal length in the 500mm or longer range preferably
higher resolution - ABSOLUTE MINIMUM 5 megapixels, preferably 8 or 10 or more. I like to do quite a bit of cropping.
noise performance at LEAST as good as the Fuji F10 sensor, or preferably better. For example 8 megapixels on a 2/3 sensor, or 10 megapixels on a 1" sensor (would be less dense than the 8,2/3). I would like to be able to use ISO 1600, and would be willing to tolerate some noise if I could select 3200 or 6400 without having to use exposure compensation.
as fast of a lens as possible - I said I'm willing to sacrifice at the long end, but preferably no slower than F/2.8 wherever the figure of merit is the same as on the FZ20. Also, preferably no slower than F/8.0 (if the lens gets long enough to warrant that slow of an aperture). At wide (and for as long as the range as physically possible) I would like at LEAST F/2.0 (and F/1.4 or F/1.0 or faster would be nice).
it MUST take CF, or, depending on the physical design of the camera, maybe mini-DVD or laptop hard disk (but should be built like a tank). Not SD, XD, or MS.
I wouldn't mind a good nightshot mode like the one on the Sony V1/V3/F717/F828, but I want full manual controls.
good macro mode at least as good as on the S2 IS.
good movie mode at least as good as S2, but preferably better codec, and wouldn't mind a 1280x960 or 1600x1200 movie resolution with 60fps.

Anyone have any idea when something like this (or similar with some adjustments) will come out?

Or, if I was going to go with something now, what would fit in my pocket without making a bulge as big as my S1 makes, AND have at LEAST as long as a zoom / resolution ratio (preferably longer), fast(er) lens, good (or better) movie, etc, either takes same memory or I can switch out 6GB (including a non-functional 4GB microdrive) without spending extra $$$ on memory beyond what I would sell my CFs/MD for?
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Fuji may be coming out with a superzoom based on the F10 sensor. But other than that you will be in for a long wait.

Your description sounds like you want a DSLR with a host of telephoto lenses.

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