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I have a Panasonic Lumix FZ5. Great camera, I can't complain a bit about it. I am wanting to step up to something with higher ISO and and add manual focus. I have been looking at dSLR's, but are they expensive. Any suggestions? The type of stuff I shoot alot of: sports at day and night, and macro shots.



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Umm i was going to suggest the panasonic fz20 until i saw u wanted to use high iso levels.

The fz20 is an awesome cam and yea i did the same thing you are doing now. I actually wanted to buy the canon 350D but again i couldnt afford to go that nuty so i ended up at the panasonic fz30. During my time looking i played with the fz20 and i also thought this was a relaly nice camera. Manual focus ring made it very easy to use but it was mentioned to me tht the cam is best used with iso levels under 200. I gues the noise issues will probbbe on par with ur fz5.

I have owned mine for about 2 weeks now and i love it. the image stabliser (which is the same in the 20) is amazing and u can take mint shots at such lo shutter speeds with no blur at all.

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If you want to shoot sports, I would advise you to bite the bullet and look at a DSLR.

In the long run, you'll be happier.

The picture quality is much better (particularily at higher ISO's) and they are more responsive to the demands of sports photography.

Add to the fact you can interchange lenses as your photographic interests change and grow, it's probably your best long term investment.

Perhaps take a look at a Nikon D50. It's a new and relatively inexpensive DSLR while sharing the Nikon history of excellent sports shooting cameras.

I shoot for a local paper, and I use a Canon 20D with four lenses. I have probably $3,000 plus invested in my equipment.

I'm a cheap skate myself, but lately my subconcious reminded me that I did the right thing, because my photography has improved and grown considerably.

I still love my equipment well after the pain of the price is forgotten.

-- Terry
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