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Flipster Nov 28, 2006 4:25 PM

hi all. after reading literally hundreds of reviews all over the net ive managed to round my choice down to two cameras in my price range (around £600)for my 1st dslr camera as im tired of the point and shoots i own its time to pass them down to the kids and get a real camera,im looking at the olympus E-500 and the new sony alpha and i'd like very much if any ownersof the two models could helpmy confused mind finaly leaning more towards the E-500 as the sample images ive viewed have all been spot on and the reviews mostly great but then so have the alpha's so you can seewhy im having a hard time finaly deciding. (i was also looking at thesony cybershot dsc-h5 but decided against it as like i say i want a dslr)

ok for what i get for my money on the two cameras at a local supplier...

E-500 includes17.5-45mm and 40-150MM lenses,olympus PS100 printer, PNY 1GB CF compact flash card, camera bag and battery.

sony alpha includes 18-70mm lens, stamina battery and charger....

both cameras are the same price and im not fussed about the extras with the E-500 i just thought id list what was in it for the money, im interested in the cameras qualitys mostlyimage qualityand im not scared of learning, im also looking into night classes on photography to help me learn more.

ok so heres what i want it for.... mainly taking photos of my children as they are growing up, at the park, in the garden on the beaches when we fly out for holidays, school plays, partys ect ect....wildlife and scenery, sons football matches and basicaly anything and everything i can point a camera at but most of all i want to learn and become a half decent (at least) photographer.

thanksin advancefor reading/answering my question and i hope ive put my 1st post in the right place.

rfortson Nov 28, 2006 4:52 PM

Hmmm...tough decision. I think I'd go with the Sony just for the image stabilization, and the ability to use older KM lenses. The Olympus deal is nice with the two lenses, but you'll pay a lot for other 4/3 system lenses, I believe. Also, the 4/3 sensor in the Olympus is smaller, which generally equates to more noise, especially at higher ISO settings (lower light).

However, I'd try both of them out and see which one feels the best to you. Any dSLR will be a big step up in image quality from a point & shoot, so you'll be happy there.

Good luck with whichever one you choose.


mtngal Nov 28, 2006 5:10 PM

I'll beinterested to see what you get for answers to this. I don't have either one of them (I have a Pentax K100D), but was going to suggest that the Olympus might be a better deal.

For the Sony - IS and the ability to use older KM lenses, which means it could be cheaper to add lenses later. I don't see the extra mp of the Sony as being necessarily something important (and can work against it). Against - the lens isn't very long and you'd probably want to buy something longer right away, pushing up your initial cost.

For the Olympus - the two lenses would give you a bigger range and from the sounds of things, you'll probably want it right away. There are a number of nice lenses that are made for the Olympus system (all price ranges) so while you wouldn't have access to lots of oler used lenses, there are a number of options available for later on. That might or might not be a problem, with the two lenses you get in the package you might not want anything else.

Flipster Nov 30, 2006 8:33 AM

thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. ill get myself off to the supplier this weekend and hopefully the owner will be as helpful as you two guys and give me some help decidingand let me try before i buy and maybeallow me to fire a few shots off with the cameras to see for myself which is better for me.

again thanks for the help, cya later.

mtclimber Nov 30, 2006 9:01 AM

I noticed that you mentioned, " plays and parties..." which says to me that there will be some low light level shooting involved. That means that we should mention that the Olympus E-500 does not handle ISO settings above ISO 400 very well, without showing a lot of noise. The Sony A-100 will do a better job and the Pentax K100D and K10D an even beter job than either the Olympus E-500 or the Sony A-100.


Flipster Nov 30, 2006 11:26 AM

thanks for the advice, theres so much to take in its confusing isnt it! i wished i could take you all with me to the shops to choose a camera that would be so much easier, ill go and take a better look at the two cameras you mentioned aswell, maybe ill make my mind up before i get too much older, the kids will have all grown up and left home at this

thanks again.

mtclimber Nov 30, 2006 7:21 PM


I surely do agree with you. Choosing the really right camera is indeed difficult. However, we have attampted to give you the very best advice.


Flipster Nov 30, 2006 9:32 PM

And i am very thankfull for all of your feedback, i hope you dont think i was having a pop at anyone with the last was an attempt at humour on my behalf (the kids leaving home bit) i was making fun of myself for being such a scatterbrain on the whole making my mind up part of getting a camera..i honestly wasnt having ago at anyone and i can only appologise if you have taken it that way i wasn't trying to be sarcastic.


mtclimber Nov 30, 2006 9:47 PM


Please stay with your goal! The really correct digital camera is out there for you! Please stay with the search.


Flipster Nov 30, 2006 10:06 PM

i will, i have phoned to see if it will be ok totrya few of the cameras in the shop and he said it will be fine, he was quite helpful and also mentioned a few more cameras he had in store whichare in my budget range, they were the Canon 400D, Pentax K100D the one you mentioned :) and for just a little more the Nikon D80 so hopefuly i'll be walking out with one of those cameras (including the ones already mentioned) by the end of next week...when i have finaly got some spare time to get down there...again a great big thank you for all your help.


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