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Went to the store yesterday all set on purchasing a Sony H1. Found great deal on price match + 10% . Only to find out there were none in stock and only the display wasleft that had been out for almost a year on display. The store is not getting any more in and the salesman was explaining about how many returns they had received on the Sony due to the lcd screen going black.No big problem but all this was said in front of my wife, now she wants to wait. Still like theCanon S2 and think it will fill my needs but like the Sony's big lcd. Now my wife wants to wait for new models but there is still no telling when they will be released and now I am still with out a camera.Therewere plenty of Canon S2 in stock andthat raises another question. Is the H2 going to be released before the S3 ? Anyway any help would be appreciated. Thought I had a camera yesterday but did not.
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Little kids have learned to ask to see a picture after someone takes it. It is funny how they are perturbed with people using film cameras who can't show them the instant picture. I've had two EVF cameras and that kind of show and tell is the only time the LCD gets turned on with either of them

I would probably use an articulated LCD like the one on the S2 more. You can get different perspectives from over your head and near the ground, and you can take a lot of candid shots if you aren't standing behind a camera pointing it at someone.

Neither of those cameras are appropriate to holding out and shooting with the LCD. You lose a lot of the advantage of stabilization doing that and you get a clearer 100% view through the EVF. Once you learn the controls it is easier to make settings in the EVF as well since your eye is already there looking at the scene.

According to dpreview the stabilization on the H1 isn't as effective as the stabilization on the S2 and the Panasonics. And I think the S2 is probably a little better for movies and macro. And the H1 doesn't have an effective burst mode where the S2 does.

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The S2 is an incredible camera.. No one knows a lot abot the S3 yet, but if you want to wait another 3 months and pay more, the option is there. The idea of buying a camera without hearing opions personally scares me.. but that's me.

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I think that it is pretty safe to say that the S3 will be better than the S2, but not by much. Thus if your dealer has a lot of S2s in stock, ask him for a clearance price, say 300$, because he won't be able to sell them, once the S3 is on the market.
As far as the LCD is concerned, I guess that you haven't learned the value of a swivel LCD. Even if a fixed LCD would be twice as large, I would prefer the swivel LCD. It simply opens new photographic opportunities. I use the LCD only for about 10% of my shots, but when I use it, it is always flipped out. For normal shots it is better to use the EVF, because pressing the head against the camera provides additional stability. Even if you have a good image stabiliser this additional protection against shake shouldn't given away if you don't have to. Thus a non-swivel would be almost useless for me no matter how large it is.
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You make an excellent point, and I really agree with you. I think that the swivel LCD on the canon S-2 IS is very effective and very useable.

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