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louhjai Oct 6, 2006 4:26 PM

Experts, help!

I've seen some great advice in these forums and I was hoping to find some help with my search. I am looking for a new camera that has the following characteristics:

Must have:
- At least 5 mp
- Optical zoom at least 3x (5x+ is much better). Digital zoom immaterial.
- Compact size: depth no greater than 2", but pocket-size (1" or so) is ideal.
- Video - can record with at least [email protected] fpsquality (30 fps is better). Also, must to be able to record around at least 30 minutes of video with a reasonably large memory card (e.g., 1 or 2GB).
- Good sound quality on the video (I bought a Samsung nv7 OPS but returned it because of the poor video sound quality.)
- Self-timer. (Remote control is a big plus.)
- LCD screen of at least 1.8"; 2.5" or bigger is vastly preferred.
- Must be tripod-mountable.

- Image stabilization
-Can optically zoom during video recording
- Fast picture taking (i.e., you push the button and it takes the picture near-instantly). A fast startup time would be nice too, but isn't a big deal.
- Lightweight (less than 10 oz.)
- Price under $500 US

Would be nice, but unnecessary:
- Time-lapse video mode (probably never use it, but the geek in me thinks it's cool!)
- Optical viewfinder
- Shaped like "regular" camera
- Macro mode
- Red-eye reduction flash
- Uses SD cardmemory format (since I already have one).
- Some built-in memory (at least enough for 2 or 3 pictures).

Doesn't matter to me:
- Battery type (AA or proprietary)
- Lots of manual features (manual ISO settings, aperture, focus, etc.). I'd use it mostly for point-&-shoot and video.

If there's something not clear about the above, please let me know!

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