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I want to buy a camera. I am stuck between the Fujifilm s5200 and the s9000. Proce does not matter to me what matters is how easy it is to use/learn. I am willing to learn how to take good pictures and use the camera for what it is meant to be used. I don't know much about cameras, and was wondering if they are good starter cameras, I want a good base to work on so I can get new lenses and what-not. I want the s9000 but dont know if it is too much for me to handle? Thank you. Hey if there are better brands out there even to start with let me know please.
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I was on your shoes a while back. I ended up getting the s5200. I've been extremely pleased with it. I got the s5200 because for almost the price of the s9000 you could get an entry level dslr (not to be confused with the slr-like). Maybe you should look atsomeof the entry level dslrs (eg. Nikon D50). To me there was not much difference between the s5200 and the s9000 to justify the price difference. I paid $285.00 for the s5200 and the s9000 was $569. So the price was almost double. Just ask yourself what will you be getting for all that extra $$$ if you get the s9000.
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I'd probably go with the S5200 or S7000, depending on your needs (the S5200 has longer focal lengths).

The lens on the newer S9000 isn't quite as bright (the lenses on the S5200 and S7000 are more than twice as bright at their telephoto end, since the lens on the S9000 is down to f/4.5 on it's long end). So, if you need better low light performance at longer focal lengths, one of the older models would be a better bet.

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I, too, bought the S5200 after long considering the S9000. From what I have learned from S9000 owners, it does take good pictures, but has a steeper learning curve than its predecessor, the S7000.

For a person who is just getting into digital photography, I would recommend the S5200. It has the zoom (10X optical), the low light capability, and good bang for the buck. After you have mastered that, maybe you will want to move on to a DSLR or the S9000's successor.
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