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My first digital camera was an HP m417 and since it was my first, I thought it was great! Sure, sometimes because of the small lcd screen I couldn't see if a pic was blurry, and yeah, it was a bit bulky. But compared to disposable cameras, I thought it rocked!

Ok, so now I am in the market for a new camera and want to spend under 250 bucks and I have found two cameras I like, but am in a quandry about the batteries issue...I do not like the non-AA battery, but I love the other features.

Considering what I am used to using, how big of a difference is it between the Panasonic DMC-TZ1 and DMC-LZ3?

I know that 10x optical is better than 6x optical, but considering I am an amateur photographer and just looking for a camera with the most auto presets and picture settings, and more than 3x optical, would I be missing out if I just get the 6x camera?

The TZ1 I like, except for the battery issue.

Which would you choose?
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How about a Kodak Z740? 5mp, 10x zoom, good performance and image quality, uses AA's...(and rechargeble ones also...)

My friend has one and loves it! Doesn't have image stabilization, though. But anyway, it is very very easy to ease. I have used it and its very simple! And fun to use.

Here's a link to a good price on the Z740!


Hope this helps! Goodluck!
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I doubt you'll get much specific good advice without going into more detail about what type of things you're likely to be doing with the camera.

The TZ1 and LZ3 look like pretty similar cameras, except the TZ1 costs significantly more, and has higher specs. How much zoom you want is certainly something only you can answer, but that's most of what you're paying for with the TZ1.

I guess the question is ... what exactly are you going for here? I can't help but think of cameras like those as being a very suboptimal market segment. At one end, you've got convenient pocket cameras. At the other end, you've got the big ones, whether it's the real SLRs or the somewhat simple point-n-shoot fake-SLR super-zoom cameras like the Canon S3, Panasonic FZ7, or Fuji S5200.

When people go small, they really want something that they can fit in their pocket, and with a tiny camera it doesn't matter if it doesn't have a viewfinder, because you're going to hold it out away from yourself with one hand, and you're not taking any mega-zoom shots. With a big zoom camera, you usually want something that you can get a good firm grip on and use the viewfinder. The TZ1 has a big zoom, but it's a little camera. It's not little enough to fit in your pocket, though, and it's not big enough to really hold with both hands well. It doesn't even have a viewfinder. I would also be interested to know if the folded optics on the TZ1 are as durable as a standard camera.

Obviously there are plenty middle-of-the-road cameras that do just fine, but that segment is quickly shrinking. If I were looking at those cameras, I'd probably:

1) save some cash and get the Canon A540 (only 4X zoom, also takes AAs)
2) get a bigger zoom camera like the Fuji S5200, which is the same price
3) get one of the 6X zoom elphs that'll fit in your pocket if you want something tiny with a decent zoom
4) maybe go ahead and get the TZ1 (and extra lens caps for when I lose them) just because it looks cool

Is the zoom the important part to you?

I guess my answer is a bit lame ... but the real answer to your question is pretty simple: The TZ1 is the best, which is why it costs so much more.

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