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My three-year old and 15,000 picture old Kodak DX4330 died today. Actually it became blind because the shutter is either stuck closed or something died in its circuitry. My poor little camera started acting up every so often after it took a dip in a river one year ago. Nevertheless it kept shooting for a good 5,000 extra pictures since then with no loss in quality.

Anyhow, the choices are numerous but I would like to see suggestions for a replacement. Here is my wish list:

* Resolution: 4 or 5 MP
* Memory type: SD (don't want to spend money in new cards)
* Battery type:AA (they're soooo convenient)
* Zoom: no less than 3X optical - hardly care about digital zoom
* Viewfinder: Optical (a must - I hate using the LCD all the time)
* Automatic image rotation
* Good video with audio - 640x480 is desirable but 320x240 might work
* Multiple shooting modes (if selectable from a dial like the DX4330 much better)
* Some manual controls such as aperture priority and shutter priority (I am ready for more control and flexibility)
* Ability to shoot at 3:2 aspect ratio highly desirable if not a must (don't want to crop before going to the lab to print 6x4s - hardly print at home)
* Good low light sensitivity
* Multiple white balance settings (the DX4330 lacked in this part)
* Pocket size is a plus

I mostly use my camera for snapshots but I like to take a lot of pictures and experiment with settings and alsotake night time pictures often.

I really like the vivid colors that Kodak cameras produce and like their user interface. My preferred brand for a replacement is also Kodak but I am open for suggestions for other brands except Fujifilm and Sony due to the second requirement above.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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There are no pocket cameras I know of that fit all of your requirements. All of the pocket cameras I know of with stabilization and/or good noise at higher ISO have no optical viewfinders. I don't know of any pocket camera with good low light capability that take AAs either.

I would wait for a full review, but the Casio Z120 fills a lot of your requirements. It has a viewfinder, AAs, full manual controls and good menu settings for things like white balance. It has an excellent control setup and probably the same lens as the Z750, which is excellent. It has a 3:2 mode. Movie modes are good with MPEG4 and the very handy past movie mode. It has electronic stabilization, which isn't as good as optical stabilization but appears to work fairly well. It has no special low light capability and as far as I know it has no orientation sensor.

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Well, pocket size is a plus, as I said but not a requirement. I wouldn't calle the Kodak DX4330 pocket-size either.
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I am almost in love with the Canon Powershot A610.Complies with my wish list except for the 3:2 shooting which is limited just to a 1600x1200 postcard mode. But everything else seems to be perfect and even has angled LCD screen - perfect for overhead shots and I like to do many of those.

Comments about this camera?

There is a thread in the Canon forum here about the camera not turning on after a long period of inactivity but that's is the only badthing I have found so far.
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Why not take a look at the Kodak V-550. Yes, it does have an optical viewfinder, it is 5mp, with 3X optical zoom, and it is POCKET SIZED, taking mpeg-4 movies as well with ease.

It just might be what you are looking for in a camera. It have those Kodak colors!

Please don't get me wrong, the Canon A-610 is a great camera, but at least take a look at the Kodak V-550. You might very well be quite surprised. The Casio 120z, mentioned by slipe is also a good option as well.

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