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Nanseev Mar 7, 2006 11:46 AM

Hi there,

I'd love some suggestions for a new digital camera. I'd like a Sony (with a stick) primarily because I have a Sony laptop and want to be able to just upload the stick.

My price range is probaby between $200-$500.

It really would just be for taking family pictures of the kids growing up - nothing spectacular. I ABSOLUTELY would call me a novice photographer, although I'm pretty good at figuring out "buttons", so I'm not concerned with how "complicated" a camera might be - I read directions. ;)

I've been using my husband's camera, but I HATE it because of the delay from when I click the shutter until the time it actually takes a that really is my first priority in shopping. Other than that, no big requirements. I'm not picky on size - hubby has a "pocket" camera if needed, so I'm probably even leaning towards a larger camera, but it really doesn't matter.

Thanks for any input!


mtclimber Mar 7, 2006 1:21 PM


You can staywith the minimal investment theory and take a look at the Sony S-600 at less than $200, or step up to the small sleek Sony P-200, which will be the last of the P series cameras at around $260 to $270.

Both use the Sony Memory Stick.


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