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I would be inclined to go for a Canon 60D + kit lens + 70-300 IS. You should be able to get that for close to $1500.

Trip of a lifetime and all that.

Although the new Fuji XS1 looks pretty cool too.
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Default Thanks all

Wow, thanks to all for the great feedback. Someone made a great point abuot the interchangeable lens options - not a lot of lens choice, plus my distaste about lack of viewfinder, means it does sound like a good option to elminate that from the running.

I'm leaning toward a decision b/t a 60d vs. fz150 at this point. (The fuji looks killer, but i'd want time pre-trip to get to know the cam since I've never used theirs, and that might be dicey as we leave the last day of Feb). I guess it's up to me to decide whether I want one cam I don't have to swap lenses on or a bigger, heavier camera that requires lens swaps but will have arguably faster response time for wildlife.

Keep the suggestions coming if anyone else has opinions - and I'll continue reading and waffling in my mind :-)
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sent you a PM on where to look for more information.
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Err, not just faster response time. A DSLR's larger sensor and RAW format result in a better quality image for later processing. If you are determined to just go with the out-of-the-camera image, zero post processing, then the DSLR advantage becomes moot.

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The FZ-150 doesn't want for speed- in any area...!
And shoots RAW.....
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One of the M4/3 cameras with a 75-300mm lens would give you 150-600mm 35mm equivalent reach, 0r a 100-300mm zoom= 200-600mm equivalent. I have an E-PL2 with the 75-300 and the external electronic viewfinder- the newest E-P3 is the fastest of the M4/3 cameras. Good image quality, RAW, and better build quality.
So many choices, eh??
Have a wonderful trip- and share some of your pic's here!
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