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I am an ageing ex professional photographer, now starting to specialise in large Landscapes and Super macro Images.

After a lifetime of being fed up carrying lenses around (I would rather now carry a decent Shiraz!!) I would like to buy a Superzoom prosumer digicam around 35mm - 430mm and have been looking in the range of the Canon S3 1S and the Sony DSCH5 etc. although they all seem to have above Chromatic Abberation levels.

Is there such a Superzoom with High quality and low noise images and low chromatic aberration, or, am I living in cuckooo land, or, should I wait for the next generation of Sony DSC-R1 with a longer lens and a decent super macro facility perhaps?

Mike from the UK

ps....can chromatic aberaation be totally removed in Photoshop?
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considering the R1 was made pretty much to compete with dSLRs - and sony is now in the dSLR market (at a lower pricepoint than the R1 was), I highly doubt we'll be seeing a replacement for that camera- their prosumer line will most likely stick with the H1, H2, H5 series of cameras and go down from there. I had a panasonic FZ30 (similar to the H series and canon S2 series). Unfortunately, i dont think you're going to find any point and shoot, no matter how 'pro' it is made to look, that has the capabilities you're looking for. I just upgraded to a pentax *ist DL and the difference isn't even comparable for low light photography. Pentax lenses and off-brand lenses can be found online for relatively inexpensive prices - and remember that with the APS sensor size, it multiplies existing zoom range by 1.5 - for example, the older (still auto) tamron f4-5.6 80-210 zoom i'm expecting in the mail will actually equal 120-315mm.
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