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Default SX230 or TZ10

Hi. I thought I'd made my mind up on getting the SX230 (or 220) as a general point and shoot, but now I'm dithering slightly between the SX230 and the TZ10 having seen a few pictures with the SX230 that suggests it doesn't handle the sky very well. I've seen a number of shots which either have the sky completely white or grey instead of blue, or a sharp line between blue on one part of the picture and white on the other. I don't know if this is something common to all compacts and just happens occasionally.

Could anyone here who's owned both the SX230 and the TZ10 advise as to which of the two they personally felt had the best image quality a) in good daylight b) low light c) flash?
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Yes, highlight blowouts are common to all P&S cams, though it is more common with some than others. I currently own the TZ10 (aka ZS7) and I owned the SX230 for about 10 days (returned it). The ZS7 images are better in good daylight, but the SX230 images are far better at high ISO. I didn't take many flash shots with the SX230 so I can't really comment on that. The ZS7 does well with flash, but the flash only reaches about 10 feet. While that is quite short, the flash on most other pocket cams won't go much further (~15 ft).
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I have to concur with FiveO, the TZ10/ZS7 is a pretty impressive camera. It takes nice punchy pictures, that look sharp to my eye. I had a ZS10 for a short while and, boy, what a step down Panasonic made with the new model. If you can get a good deal on the ZS7, it's a really nice camera. The Canon SX230 (220 if you're on the wrong side of the pond and don't need GPS) is also solid P&S. I have owned a number of Canons over the years and, this may just be my personal experience, but I have always liked the picture quality on canons, but have never been happy with the way they have held up over time and I really dislike canon customer service. Panasonic makes some solid cameras, although they occasionally put out a lemon like the ZS10. I still love my three year old TZ5 and I still think it's one of the best P&S's I have owned.

If you're interested in video, the TZ10/ZS7 still limits you to 720p, but it is "good" 720p in a AVCHD lite format. The SX230 offers 1080p, but at a 24fps rate--which I don't love. If you plan to use the camera to to shoot video, I would recommend taking a look at the Sony's--the HX9V is outstanding (and shoots beautiful stills too). If you're looking for the best stills in a P&S, I would consider the Canon S95 (closest thing to a DSLR in a compact) over the SX230. If the S95 is too rich for your blood, the Nikon S9100 also takes great looking stills.
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