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AndyPl Jun 14, 2009 7:35 AM

T27, F200d or SL830 (IT 100)
Since my ol' Sony W200 was given to my mother, I'm in need for a small compact. I've narrowed my choice to three models. I know that I might set up my requirements a bit too high, but I travel a lot to Mediterranean regions, so I'd need something that can get me decent pictures indoors, with somewhat bad light - like inside castles or churches.

I do not need ultra fast machine, as I'll rather concentrate on buildings and getting pictures of me and my friends standing still.

From the reviews I've read the F200 EXR would have advantage over other two options, however, I'm always bit sceptic. The T27 has good zoom, and it might be useful, it also records good movie, but I don't trust its optics. I already have the super-zoom camera - P80, and it's 18x optical barrel is much larger compared to the 12x F27, and I'm not sure if it won't hit the quality of pictures.

The last choice - SL830, aka IT100 in Europe, is a bit of mystery to me. I've seen its reviews only on some sites in Asia, and they were praising it. It seems rather good overall camera, but I'm not sure if Samsung would be good choice. (It's cheapest of all, as I can get it for 300USD, T27 and F200EXR would be about 500USD each - that's Polish prices)

Which would you recommend, and why Fuji? :D

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