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Oh the drama! I spend all of my days searching these boards for a solution...for a perfect stranger to make up my mind for me... I'm getting a new dSLR for my birthday (lucky me!), but it is my job to choose my poison.

I am deciding between the Canon 20D and the Konica Minolta 7D. I am seriously attracted to the KM 7D, but am constantly pulled back to the Canon because of reports of exceptional picture quality AND because of Canon's reputation.

I have visited both of these cameras in real life. I really like the feel of the KM -- it feels nice in my hand, but, in the end, isn't picture quality what it's all about??

PLUS, to make matters worse -- and to make me a bit more paralyzed -- I feel so much pressure to select the right camera because it seems to me that whichever brand I choose is the brand I'll be married to from this point forward. Am I right? Once I start collecting lenses there is no turning back!

Do I marry Canon or KM? Oy! Am I a crazy lady?? Help me, please.
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After using a completely manual Minolta 35mm SLR for over 30 years, I had a hard time choosing a digital camera. For a number of reasons, including cost, I didn't want a DSLR, but something I could use just as my old SRT. I'm not really terribly biased in favor of any brand, but ended up with another Minolta, because of the way it felt and the way it worked.

If I were choosing a DSLR, I would go for the one that felt most natural to me. The differences in image quality are only going to be noticed by magnifiying the images to absurd proportions. Picture quality is determined by the photographer, not the camera. Both cameras you mention are capable of superb results. Which one do you like using more?

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i will mirror VT's comments..

you will be using this camera day in and day out.. pick the one that you feel most comfortable with..

i own the 20d and it has never once let me down and i love it..

but i have also used a friends 7d and didnt feel hampered in any way..

both are excellent cameras and would be at the top of my list if i were to do it over..


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Old Nov 18, 2005, 1:55 AM   #4
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You're right to worry about who you will be marrying.

As an exercise choose a set of 5 or 6 lenses and flash etc. to go with the camera.

That's where you're going to be in a few years time. :-)

Now look at quality and cost and features of the your hypothetical system.

My take is that the Canon system gives a significantly greater selection of lenses, though they are expensive for the top-grade stuff.

With the KM you get AS free with all your lenses, with Canon you have to pay per lens.

And also give a big weighting to how good the camera feels to you.

6 months ago I would have said Canon because KM had a poor selection of focal lengths for crop cameras IMO. But now their arrangement with Tamron has improved matters a great deal, and of course you can use Sigma too.

It's a very tricky dilemma indeed, but hard to make the wrong choice because both are good.
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Old Nov 18, 2005, 2:09 AM   #5
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Just wondering. Did you consider the KM 5D? Does it lack essential features of the 7D?
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Old Nov 18, 2005, 8:16 AM   #6
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Wow, guys. Thanks for all of your helpful replies.

I really do have to go back to the store to play with them some more, don't I?

A friend of mine was torn about a very similar decision a year or so ago, and she rented a 10D for a week. She ended up buying it. I think that this might be the way to decide.

ROBBO, I looked at the 5D (not in real life) and didn't see much of a difference. However, the price difference wasn't much either. That said, is there a reason to favor the 5D over the 7D? Thanks.

Guess I have some shopping to do... I'll let you know how things turn out. (Then my posts will switch to "which lens to buy"...)

Happy day!
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Old Nov 19, 2005, 5:47 PM   #7
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if size is a consideration than 5D is the more compact solution. with rebate though 7D is a great deal....
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