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Hi there:

I'm new to the forum, so Hi everybody.

I'm on vacation in the USA, and i'm interested on purchasing a new digital camera for personal use to retire my old Kodak CX4300 :s

I've been looking around the internet and i found these three options (they were four.. but then i saw the Casio EX Z50 sample images :shock: )

Sony Cybershot DSC W1

Sony Cybershot DSC V1

Nikon coolpix 5200

As you may have noticed, they are all 5MP cameras, and about 350$

I know many people have asked this question before, but, in your opinion, which one should i choose? I mean, all them have great specs and quality. 4x optical, nightshot and a nice MPEG specs in V1; W1 is a newer model, Coolpix has a terrific macro mode.

I need your opinions, what's the best camera for me? I'm not a newb, but i'm not a pro either, i would want a versatile digi to make good close shots, "joy moments" photos and get into the nature photography.

would you recommend me another camera with similar specifications?

Thank u in advance, and nice comunity by the way.

PS: Soz for my bad english :sad:
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Old Dec 11, 2004, 7:07 PM   #2
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Ok, i've been searching information about the cameras above, and i found a lot of complaints about DSC W1, so i have decided NOT buying it.

Now, looking for a substitute i reached to Canon, A95, so now i'm even more confused:

Canon Powershot A95
Sony DSC V1
or Nikon Coolpix 5200

Which one do you think i should buy?

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Old Dec 11, 2004, 7:59 PM   #3
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I notice Steve has both the A95 and 5200 on his best camera list, but not the V1.

Steve's biggest complaint about the V1 is the grip with the flash extended. If you are interested in the camera I would go to the Sony forums here and at dpreview.com and ask owners if they ever settled in to a comfortable and stable grip or whether it remained a problem after getting accustomed to it.

His other complaint is battery life. I have batteries for two different cameras (not Sony) from Eagle Imports that so far have been as good as the originals. They get $20 for most OEM equivalent batteries although one was on sale for $10. It is still a hassle to mess with a spare battery to fill a decent sized memory card.

I like the V1 better overall. You can get a very nice little bounce flash unit for $30 that will improve flash shots quite a bit. I can imaging the little camera would be hard to hold with a flash unit larger than the camera though. I like the holographic focus and the night shot feature would be a lot of fun. I also like the extra zoom.

The strong suit of the 5200 is the macro ability.

The A95 is an overall great camera. But once you put 4 NiMH batteries in it the weight is up there compared to the others with proprietary batteries. You have to buy a charger and NiMH batteries for the A95 as it just comes with alkalines. I personally prefer the lithium batteries because you can set the camera aside for a couple of weeks and it is still ready to go. The self-discharge of NiMH is a minor hassle, as is the extra weight. I like the articulated LCD and picture quality.

The V1 seems to be the fastest for lag and cycle times with the 5200 slowest. The A95 uses CF and the 5200 SD – both fairly inexpensive and used in many brands and devices. The V1 uses Memory Stick Pro, which is a little pricier and used only in Sony stuff (and a couple Konica designs).

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Old Dec 11, 2004, 9:10 PM   #4
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I own the A95 and find its a great little camera giving u lots of manual controls at a great price. Of course, you should factor in the price the charger and 4 NiMH batteries(so that you are on par with the other cameras).

I think, without having checked the Nikon 5200, that the incredible macro on the Nikon shouldn't be in your priorities unless you plan to do lots of that, since most cameras offer a fairly good macro mode.

The Sony cameras come with costier memory cards so then again I'd factor the difference between the memory cards in the prices. The V1 has lots of interesting features, but are they just gimmicks or will they really be useful ? The W1 is more "down to earth", it offers more traditionnal options, a few manual features, a very good video mode with MS Pro.

Do you plan to takes lots of long movies ? If that is your case, you should consider that its a camera and will not yield superb quality, if that is okay with you, then I wouldn't consider the Canon. The W1 offers quite good performance, it might be a little too aggressive with noise reduction, but you may not even notice it.

What size will you print ?

All in all, we can't tell you which is the best camera for you. For me it was the A95... if you want our help, tell us what you want to do with the camera. What sort of pictures you want to make, under what conditions. What do you expect your camera to have ?
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Old Dec 12, 2004, 12:50 AM   #5
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My pick would be the sony V1. it is an amazing little camera with good optics and a LI-ion battery. it is also versitle in the fact that you canattach a flash and other add-ons to the hot shoe.

for someone in the Pro-sumer category (you)i think this would be the best.
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Old Dec 12, 2004, 5:41 PM   #6
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well well... i'm confused to the bone....

Ok, I will use the camera to take family shots, like many of you, in special moments (xmas... rite NOW!). But also i like "Photo tourism". I meanm, taking shots in the city (buildings, monuments, important or curious things) or in the country: Nature. i'd like to make great photos from small things (u kno, macro mode) and also repair in certains zones of a shot to make cropping. As you can see it's a complicated quest, because i'm looking a very versatile camera, a "for-all-use" camera....

I'm not sure of choosing Canon, it's an amazing camera, but i 'd have to spend a lot of money buying good batteries and charger, and a CF Memory card.

Nikon 5200 isn't still my favourite. I kno it's the best for taking short shots, and i got some SD cards, but have it got a really good overall compared to the rest?

I like the V1... i REALLY LIKE the V1, but it's an old model (2003) i don't know if i'll have good support, or if its specs are below the newer ones.

....oh man, i'm more lost than a penguin in a garage (don't laugh.. it's a spanish joke... :S)

thanks for your opinions and comments, i swear they're very valuable for my decision
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Old Dec 12, 2004, 6:02 PM   #7
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At current prices from some of the reputable online vendors, I think the V1 is a real bargain. It's lensstarts out wider and goes longer than the other models you're looking at (and it's also brighter when using zoom). In addition, it's got a laser based (hologram) autofocus assist system and a hot shoe for an external flash.

But, make sure to try out any camera you are interested in (as user opinions can vary on things like ergonomics).
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Old Dec 12, 2004, 9:22 PM   #8
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The DSC-V1 is the camera to get for less than $299.

The other choice would be a Nikon Coolpix 5400. There is a $200 rebate right now and it is going for $299 (same price as the Sony) after rebate.

In my mind no other camera for the price even comes close to either one of these two.

The DSC-W1 is OK for point and shoot and if you can get it for less than $250

The Canon A95 is more than any of these cameras.. Why pay more for less
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