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:?Greetings one andall. I am on the point of buying the FZ20 but there is a small voice in my brain telling me to.....Wait until the FZ30? comes out. I know from all the reviews I have read that the FZ20 is a super camera but I gather there are some improvements that could be made to it, (I know that this could be said about any camera). I have waited quite some time to make a decision re the FZ20, but at the same time I would hate to buy one today only to find that the new one comes out tomorrow. I know...I know... if I keep waiting... I will never buy anything...I just wonder if there is any news on the horizon from all you Panasonic and FZ20 owners out there. Many Thanks, Mike.:!:
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I haven't heard anything. Even if something comes out, it will be 3rd quarter or 4th quarter of this year... so you are going to have to wait quite a bit.

The area where the Panasonic is inferior to the competition is video. But I don't think panasonic will improve their video this year (just a guess).

I don't think any camera is going to beat the FZ20 this year but some of hte competitor offerings like the Sony H1 may be somewhat attractive (if you care about video).
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You have to consider your need. A prosumer DC has long Zoom, wide Aperture 2.8 and anti-shake, this is almost perfect. Of course you can criticize its photo quality, its ISO noise, its troublesome filter and a little bit expensive price. I don't hear any news about FZ20 successor , if any it will increase ccd to 800 milion or else. But I hope it developed to accept ordinary 3A battery, this is a impossible dream!
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For Sivaram and Zanwang.

Many thanks for your input friends. On reflection the FZ20 is getting such good reviews that it is most unlikely that Panasonic will bring in its successor for some time to come. I can do without video in a still cam, but RAW would be nice. I'm sure the successor to the FZ20 will include the above and what a camera that will be. Many thanks again for all your help.



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