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Default Which of these 8 Cameras is the best for me?

I found a lot of cameras online, like the P610, WX500, HX90V, A5100, RX100 II, FZ200, DMC-GF7, and the S9900. Which of these 8 Cameras is the best for me? Which of these 8 cameras is the best in low light? I do not like a lot of noise in low light. I want a good camera to take pictures and record video. I am looking for a camera with a tiltable/swivel screen or articulated LCD for selfies, shoots 1080p 60p video, has great low light performance with little to no noise in low light, and that costs $400 and under. I really want a good camera for vlogging. I need help finding more cameras that is the best for me. Maybe these 8 cameras I found are not good enough and there are more cameras out there that I have not heard of and they are better than these 8 cameras.
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first off, the A5100 has an APSC sized sensor and very good low light performance. that being said, how good it does in low light will depend on the lens you use. even using the kit lens, it'll do better than the P610, and FZ200 and any other small size sensor camera, although the FZ200 has a constant 2.8 aperture. i haven't used the DMC-GF7, which is newer than most of the micro four thirds cameras i've used; the ones i did use didn't deliver low light pics as well as my sony A6000, which i believe has the same guts as the A5100.

the S9900 has a nice long zoom, but the sensor isn't big; after reading some reviews, seems like it's at its best in more light. the sony RX100is a good compromise camera, but it's still got a significantly smaller sensor than APSC. still, at f/1.8 at 28mm, it has something going for it. then there's the WX500 and the HX90V - nice long zooms but slow lenses and small sensors, so not lower light powerhouses.

any time you see a long zoom in a smaller camera, you're pretty unlikely to find a big sensor and fast lens.

i'd go for the A5100 first followed by the GF7. if later on you can afford sony's 50mm stabilized 1.8 lens, it'll improve on your low light performance. both the GF7 and the A5100 can also use sigma's 19mm, 30mm and 60mm 2.8 primes, but if you can use a 50mm lens, the sony's is superb for the price.
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Another vote for the A5100, followed bij the GF7, then the RX100 II and then de rest.

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