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Omiga May 10, 2015 6:32 AM

Which of these I would buy?
I want to know which of those under 16 megapixel digital camera I would buy? That would be a good / the best picture quality.

Camera model names below link with specifications.

CANON POWERSHOT A2600 *CLICK Product specification

CANON IXUS 132 *CLICK Product specification

CANON IXUS 145 *CLICK Product specification

OLYMPUS VH-510 *PAGE 76 & 77

*CLICK Specs

OLYMPUS D785 (VR370) *PAGE 66 & 67

Not found more detailed specs information

Thank you very much if you answer. :)

SIMON40 May 10, 2015 5:13 PM

As these are all primarily "point and shoot" cameras with pretty much auto shooting, I wouldn't imagine there would be a great deal of difference in IQ.
However- of all of the above, the Olympus VH-510 is the only one with a CMOS sensor as opposed to the older CCD equipped others. The CMOS sensors arguably perform better in compromised light and most (as is the case above) shoot Full HD movies.
If you want a larger zoom range- the VR370 might be the way to go...

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