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Default Thin P&S - low light, wide angle

Evening Everyone,

I have not been on this forum for quite a while. My son has graduated from college a while ago, and is now a managing chef at a 5 star resort & spa. He worked as a line cook at another 5 star resort, while in college. He needs a camera - and his company provided smart phone (more of a 2 way radio) has no camera. His intent is to shoot various plates of food, plating styles, the buffet line, etc. Interiors, with low available light. Not for publication. Instruction manuals for training, etc. For publication quality, the resort has their own photographer (FF, 645D MF and a LF view camera).

I have a couple Pentax dSLRs (way too large), a Panasonic LX3 (he likes it a lot, especially the f2 lens and the 24mm focal length - but the lens protrudes out too far and it does not fit into the pocket of his chef coat), and a Pentax Q (good size however the lenses protrude way too far out).

So, its a point and shoot - with a .....
  • Fast collapsible lens - f2, f2.8 - the faster the better
  • A reasonable sensor size for good definition - anything above 6MP is just fine. Needs to have good color. JPG, RAW is a bonus.
  • Absolutely needs to fit in his chef coat jacket (think of a shirt pocket)
  • Wide focal length - 24mm (35mm equivalent) is good - low zoom 2x is perfect. It also can be no zoom.
  • Thin - about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. This is the primary overriding requirement.
  • Budget - He says anything south of about $400 (somewhat arbitrary) is good
He is an expert with the LX3 and the Q. Through school he used my old Canon SD500 - which worked VERY well, until it met an dreadful fate. Then he "borrowed" the LX3 - which came back whole. If he leaves the camera in the office - he will not have it when he needs it - thus the need for thin and compact.

It can be a current model or older. Any manufacturer - he is not particular.

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have you considered the panasonic LF1 (f/2 when wide open, same size sensor as the LX3)? it's small, distinctly thinner than the canon G15, which i would have suggested as it's really good in low light but i think is too thick. the LF1 is a bit smaller than the LX7, although the LX7 is a super camera and could easily fit in a smaller jacket pocket. the LF1 dimensions are 4" x 2.4" x 1.1", btw, so your son could measure his pocket and see what will fit.

one other camera to consider is the canon S110 (or S100 or S120). the S110 has the same size sensor as the LX7, G15 and LF1, and is slightly smaller than the LF1, so might be better - it's 3.9" x 2.32" x 1.06″.
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