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I bought the Panasonic FZ 30 and my Wife told me that its a waste.. we don't need a camera.. etc.. After It arrived via ups, I noticed that it was very lightweight for a semi big camera. This camera takes great pictures, very clear and sharp.. a lot better than all of those smaller cameras. The camera itself is not good in low light.. but the flash works well and if you buy some macro lenses, you will find out just how great the lens is. There are many settings including two anti shake modes, sports mode, and you can also focus this camera manually with the rings on the front. It already has i think a 12x optical zoom and it has a 4x digital zoom. The 12x is really awesome.. i do not recommend the 4x digital zoom because you will lose quailty.. but if you really need to get closer.. it will still take a good stable picture. I recommend this camera.. If you are looking at other cameras.. do not take this camera off your list.

NOTE: If you buy it online you will save at least 100$ since the local stores charge extra. I bought mine for 499$

** After buying a 300-400$ small credit card sized camera and having it perform poorly, I didnt think spending a little extra would be a big deal.. and its not

I went to the store and tried out the smaller panasonic with the great lumix lens.. and every picture at the store I took came out blurry.. even when i tried the two different anti shake modes.. the smaller cameras are very convenient becuase you do not need a case and you can carry them in your pocket but they just dont have good quality for me.. I dont know if there are more expensive small cameras I am missing out on.. but I am just talking about my experience personally with them.. No need to get on my case if I am wrong about small cameras.

P.S. I am in no way a camera professional .. I do not know much about cameras (your typical consumer) I just know good pictures when I see them

I have included an example of a picture
and then a optical zoom .. i cant remember if i used digital zoom.. close up of the area from the same location

(This was on my honeymoon in St Kitts) The zoomed in picture is the house with the car and the pool person on the left of the non-zoomed in picture below.. I did not move any closer to take the zoomed in picture


Thanks- Dan
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