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MaximAvs Sep 28, 2005 10:20 AM

This is my frist time here in the forum, so be gentle!:-)

We have an old 2MEG Pixal HP camera that takes really bad pictures and we want to replace it.

I have been following "The Best Camera" section and have read all the cameras in the 4 MEG Pixal consumer. I mostly been looking at the 4MP strickly because of the price point. I have about $300 to spend (read as: wife will let me spend) on a new camera. I would like to get the biggest bang for the buck. I'm not a photo expert, but I would like some of the intermediate or advance options should I want to do something special at some point.

I think I've norrowed my choices down to the Sony DSC-S60 or the Kodak DX7440. Both of which are listed in the the "Best Cameras" section. I want ease of use with some advanced options for future use (God only knows when I can spend more money). I would like to have a "wheel" to select the different modes rather than having to surf through different menus. I find that when taking pictures on vacation, if the different settings aren't right there, you don't use them.

Any help is appreciated and if I'm off base with these 2 choices any other recommendations are welcome! Thanks


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