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I was looking at getting my first digital camera this week (Canon S2 IS). However, I see they are coming out with the new S3 in a couple of months for not much more. I am a total rank amateur so question is, should I wait a couple of months and pay a little more for the S3, or just try to get an S2 here soon on the cheap?
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I don't see that the new S3 is offering all that much more to make it worth the wait or the higher price. They are adding an extra 1 MP into the same sensor, which can only increrase the noise (which was already a problem in the S2 - http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canons2is/page5.asp), so I don't see how their new ISO 800 setting would even be usable. Of course, if you speak Thai or Arabic, it might be worth the wait, since they added those languages...

Good luck.

the Hun

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The S2 is a great camera. The S3 from what I have read has a few advantages over the S2 6 megapixels where the S2 is only five I think there are a few more modes on the S3 for sport etc. I have seen no price yet for the S3 or an exact date when it will be available. No doubt prices for the S2 will drop when the S3 is available.

Personally and this is my opinion only I don't see the S3 being a huge upgrade over the S2 for the extra money it will cost. I suggest you read as many reveiews as you can find about both cameras and make your decision based on what type of photographs you are most likely to be taking, landscape, wildlife, indoor, sports etc and how long you are prepared to wait.
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