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Hi folks,

I am going to step up from a bridge KM A200 to a Dynax 5D.

The main reason is higher picture quality, lower noise, and better high ISO performance, and, of course, better burst mode and AF performance.

Although I have decided to get the 5D, I still have a lot of questions. I do have about 1000 euros to waste on lenses. This is why I need your help. I will use the 5D on sports/action photography (mainly Rally and Plane Spotting). So, I will need fast lenses, right? My questions are:

1 - Should I get the kit lens as a "first" lens to play and learn? or maybe I should go straight to a f/2.8?

2 - Is a 18-200 Sigma lens a good compromise in the wide-angle area, for a low price?

3 - How about the 75-300mm Minolta lens, Pixmania has a kit with them for 900 euros, any concerns about this lens, Sigma's 18-200 would be better?

4 - I've read about how reflex lenses work, so I need some advice: KM 500mm F/8 or Sigma 50-500mm? Remember, I have limited budget. Anyone heard about Phoenix 1000mm reflex lenses? Anything about it?

5 - Is the KM 70-200 APO SSM so superior, should i wait to get enough money for her? In this case I would get a 2x tele instead of a 500mm reflex.

Ok, final one, and the one that keeps me a little confusing. I'll get the 5D mainly for sports/action low light or normal light. The question is, will it be very different if i get one prosumer camera to accompany me on specific tasks? I was thinking on the Canon S2IS as a companion camera specifically for macro (it as 0cm super macro mode), vĂ*deo (superb with stereo) and a relatively good telephoto performance (it could reach about 750mm with a converter). Consider that, at the price of a Tamron 90mm Macro lenses, i can get the Canon S2IS, so, what should I do?

I will resume:
Dynax 5D - Low light action photos
Canon S2IS - Normal light, telephoto, macro, video.

Any concerns about these questions would be appreciated. Consider my budget for lenses 1000 euros (would have to wait to get better lenses).

My proposed kit for the 5D would be:
Low Cost:
Sigma 18-200mm OR
Kit lenses KM 28-70 + KM 75-300mm +
Canon S2IS as a complement

High Cost:
Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 +
KM 70-200 APO SSM OR Sigma 50-500mm +
Teleconverter for above lense +
Tamron 28-105mm f/2.8 (a 28-70 possible if Sigma 50-500 selected)

I really hope someone gives me a clue here.
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Anyone? :roll::sad:
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I'd advise posting this in the Konica Minolta SLR forum -- you'll get better responses
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