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I`m about to buy a digicam and I can`t decide whether to buy a DSLR which is far more expencive or to settle for an "enthusiast" p&s (like the canon G6).

Can I implement photography techniques (such as DOF, light etc..) on a p&s camera?

I hate to invest alot of money on a DSLR only to find im not that into photography but on the other hand I would want to be disappointed with a p&s that would match my needs and wants....

any thought?


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As you are talking about DOF and other techniques it would appear that you know a bit about photography already.

I have had for the last three or four years a G2 which has gone everywhere and taken some great pictures. Increasing frustration with it (and in particular my lack of control over what "it"was doing) has now lead me to get a DSLR.

I'll explain. Firstly the viewfinder is devoid of any info regarding the exposure / shot you are about to take (I would hope that the G6 is better in this respect). You canlook at the top plate lcd screen but you have then removed the camera from your eye and lost the composure! Secondly the viewfinder only covered 80 odd % of the frame. Whilst you get used to cropping things out of frame in the viewfinder it is still a pain. Thirdly, the parallax when shooting close up was vast, meaning that many shots when reviewed were incomplete. you can of course use the rear lcd screen to frame but this isn't always possible in bright sunlight.

The G2 had a pretty good autofocus system but the manual focus was a moumental faff. This meant that almost all shots were taken autofocus. Just once in a while I would have loved to have been able to look through the viewfinder, frame the picture and focus it the way I wanted it to be. Having come from film slr this was one of the hardest things to let go off when moving to a p & s.

Working in AE mode (or Tv for that matter) wasn't convenient. You would look through the viewfinder and compose the picture. Pressing the shutter half way would engage the metering which would set the shutter speed. I could only see what that speed was by refering to the top lcd (again camera taken away from eye and composition lost). Now with the DSLR, I can compose the picture, view the aperture setting (and see when I adjust it), check the shutter speed all without taking the camera away from my eye.

Depending on the type of photographs you are intending on taking you may find the lens / zoom on a p & s to be limited. Yes you can always crp the centre section of a larger frame to give a closer view of a distant image but this isn't the same as using a good lens to get you in close. I didn't think this would be such a big thing for me moving to the DSLR but have found that I have been using my longer lens more otften than I had expected.

I have absolutely no regrets about investing in my DSLR. The p & s served me well but if you want that bit more control over the pictures you take then I personally reckon that a body and lens combination is the better route.
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