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I've been looking to pick a digital camera, I'm mainly looking for something very small and light, robust (it'll be going rock climbing) and hopefully shoot good quality outdoor pictures.

The Canon cameras like the PowerShot SD400 or the PowerShot SD30 seem pretty good, but I've heard of some problems with the lense mechanism (E18 error), where the camera becomes unusable. I've heard of some screen cracking problems on some models. I've also some accounts of people having a hard time with the Canon support.

The Casio Exilim EX-S500 also looks promising, though I've heard that image quality isn't spectacular and has rare lens problems. Also it doesn't have a viewfinder so I'm a little worried that the screen will be hard to see if it's sunny.

The Sony T5 or T7 looks decent, nice and small and light. Although, CNET didn't seem too impressed (5.8 out of 10 citing poor image quality), Steve's digicams seemed to love it ("terrific image quality").

If anyone has some first hand expeience with these cameras (or suggestions for alternatives!) I'd love to hear about what you think of them, and whether thay've had any of the problems mentioned above.

Many thanks!

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I have had great experiance with fujifilm fin pix cameras. The pictures come out great and even though I have dropped it a few times it keeps on working.
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Get a Sony U60 (if you can find one). Fixed lens (no zoom). Very rugged. Great photos. Very easy to use. Very reliable.
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The Sony T9 is a great little camera. It has true optical stabilization and better than average high ISO capability. The folded lens is internal and it has an excellent LCD, which is reported to be viewable in most sunlight situations. Stabilization would help hanging from a rock and shooting with one hand. It is the first of the T series with a decent flash.

I'm not much of a fan of cameras without a viewfinder. But the T9 has enough going for it to consider it for your purposes IMO. You don't want to abuse any camera, but without an extended lens it would seem to be a little more rugged.

The Sony P200 is reported to have a stronger layer over the LCD. I don't know whether that applies to the T9. But the LCD is your biggest liability in a pocket or backpack rock climbing.

The smallest camera I know of that lets you flip the LCD around to protect it is the Pentax 750Z. It is probably a little large for you and shutter lag isn't great.

I think Canon strengthened the LCD on the SD450. I don't think you want to chance the SD400 for your use.

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Rotateable LCD? Take a look at the Canon A-610/620.

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