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chupicabra30 Oct 16, 2006 9:55 PM

Need a recommendation for a good tripod for macro work. Affordability and durability at a great value is the most sought after features. Ease of use would be great to. Also is there any reliable place online where I can purchase it so that I can get the absolute best price. My only local camera store Adray Camera in Dearborn, Michigan is very pricey. I mean I understand why, they have a very knowledgeable staff they have to support or whatever, but I am on a strict budget and basically just cant afford there prices. I have found on things I know the value of online that they are about 1.5x more then the internet equivilent. They will not price match online vendors and when asked why they say because most online vendors are fly by night shady people who deal in grey market products. This cannot be true for all and I have dealt with some wonderful companies. Eagle optics comes to mind for binoculars which they also cary.

Thanks for any help.

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