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I own the D50 2 lens kit and agree, they are very basic. Yet, not shooting in low light or action, I'm having a blast. The body is where its at and your future needs and desires should dictate 1) body first and 2) lens 2nd. I agree that those oly kit lenses are probably just so superior as to make it a consideration.

Not knowing the SA market, no clue how to advise, but the folks here are right. Handle the body - I knew immediately it was Nikon when I held Canon and Nikon.

No, I didn't get the most bang for my buck as I could now knowing how to shop and the limitations, but I did a better job setting my dad up on a KM 7d.

All the reading - here andSteve's reviews won't make up for holding your choices in your hand.


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pip22 wrote:
Yep, another vote for Oly here. I chose the E-500 (despite it's inferior high-iso performance) over the other two because it was not too big (the D50 is) and the grip is re-assuringly meaty (the 350D grip is way too thin). And as for the high-ISO performance, I rarely use high Iso settings whereas the camera's size and gripcomfortare things you have toput up with every time you use it.

I won't spend my money on a dSLR just to shoot it at max. ISO 400! Using my D50, I can shoot up to ISO 1600 with some noise. If I had the money first hand, I would have gone for the 20D ONLY because of it's ISO 3200 and of the CMOS' better low light performance. I shoot a lot in poor light conditions. But I wouldn't dream of getting into that 4/3 system. I mean, paying the same money or even more than one normally pays for a APS-C sensor dSLR and getting a smaller sensor that can only be used to effectiveresults up to ISO400!

At least, that's how I look at things.
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