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I am in the market for a digital camera with the following specs. Can someone help me figure out what would be best for my wants?

At least 5 megapixels

At least 6x optical zoom (is 6x decent if all I have been using previously is 3x? )

Not too bulky, must be easily pocketable under 10oz if possible

Require AA batteries (rechargeable is fine, but I do not want one that requires a unique type of battery)

Wifi enabled would be great!

tons of feature such as different modes of portrait, fast action sport pics, multi colored such as sepia. black and white, blue tone, panoramic feature

stabilization is important

at least 1.8 lcd screen, 2.50 being optimum

and under 200 bucks if possible.

requires standard SD memory card

fast shutter time...not too long to take an actual pic

I appreciate all of your help. I lose my previous camera (my first one was an HP..the model escapes me at the moment) on my last trip and for my upcoming trip I would definately like a digital camera.
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Old Oct 17, 2006, 12:00 AM   #2
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No camera with your extensive list of features (with WiFi, stabilization, .... ??) cost less than $200. You are looking at older models or refurbished items territory.

The closest I came across is the Nikon S4 - it has these major practical features you want: 6 MP; long zoom lens (38-380 mm); uses 2 AA batteries; uses SD cards; 2.5 " LCD screen. Like all P&S cameras it has many scene modes.

Newegg sells refurb S4 for $229.99.

B & H (reputable trader) sells new for $279.95, $219 used.

Some other webstores sell for <$250, but they are either unknown sites on resellerratings.com or have bad buyer feedback.

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Yeah, that's asking for alot in that price range, but if you can still find the HP R817 they are at a great price. It's small, 5MP (so you'll have to keep your prints to 11x17 or under), fast, 5x zoom, and most of all....pocketable. Oh i forgot, I usually dont say an HP is any good, but they were smart enough to add a Pentax lens to this one.
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Old Oct 18, 2006, 1:42 AM   #4
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Most true pocket cameras (ultra compact) will take proprietary batteries--because they deliver more power from a smaller size. Not many will have 6x zoom either. And they tend to be a bit more expensive than a larger camera witht he same features. So....

Panasonic LZ3
Quite a bit bigger than a pocket cam. Also no Wifi, or fancy colors. But everything else you asked for for about $150.00 from Beach camera.

Panasonic LS2
Much closer to being pocket sized (but still not really ultracompact). Otherwise similar to LZ3 (no Wifi, or fancy colors), but only a 3X zoom. Also about $150.

Panasonic TZ1
This one even comes in pretty colors. But no Wifi And, why settle for "only" a 6x zoom? About $250.

Panasonic FX01
There had to be one actual ultracompact Lumix, right? Proprietary battery and a 3.6x zoom, and no Wifi. But I think everything else you wanted--$220.

Nikon Coolpix S7
About $330, but maybe your best chance of getting Wifi and IS in an ultracompact. Also 3x zoom and Li battery.

Fuji F20
Instead of a genuine stabilization, this one boosts ISO if needed in order to obtain a faster shutter speed. Unlike most other point and shoots, the high ISO image quality is good enough here for that to be effective. This is basically an F30 without manual contols, and a smaller battery. 3x zoom, Li battery and XD memory card. Also no Wifi, or fancy colors. Really not at all what you are looking for. But look anyway. $209 at Beach camera.

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did u look at the LZ5 from panasonic ... its really nice .. and really compact as it uses only 2 AA batteries ... plus it fits in all ur conditions ...

it has 6x stabalised zoom .. 2.5inch lcd(i think) ... it has 6mp sensor and u can get one on amazon at around 220$ ...
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