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DenverMax wrote:
The Canon Powershot SD200 is $205 here.The Casio Exilim EX-S100 is $190 here.The Casio Exilim Z57 is $296 here.Steve's Digicams reviews asy that the Z57's huge screen does not gain up. I am not entirely sure of what that means, but will it hinder night indoor photography at all?My gut instinct is to go with the Canon because it is a trusted name and Powershot cameras have reputations for being exceptional in all regards. But The Z57 is so cool with such a huge screen. Are there any cameras in its price range with screens that large to compare it to?Thank you in advance

for your question about gaining up, it means the screen brightens in low light conditions so you can see your subject (instead of pitch black)

the casio ex-z55 is similar to the ex-z57 but has a 2.5 inch screen and a viewfiender. Its slightly cheaper

also the fuji f10 is simalarly priced and has a 2.5 inch screen (no viewfinder)

the weather resister Olympus Stylus 500 is also in that price range and has a great 2.5 lcd (250,000 pixels, i believe)

(in comparison i think the z57 has about 120,000 pixels)
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Thank you for the help Afro Ninja. So i want a display that can gain up. But I also want a really big display, with a lot of pixels. Does the Olympus that you mentioned gain up? It is a little big for my liking, but still could be an option.I tried out the EX-Z55 at Circuit City today. The optical viewfinder is so small that it is completely useless. The screen is a little grainy, but I can deal with it. My favorite feature is the manual focus mode, which was a lot of fun to play around with. I think I am going to stick to Casio for that feature alone, unless perhaps another camera manufacturer has the feature, dose anyone know?I still haven't found a camera with a screen the size of the Z57. The Sony DSC-T1 is very appealing because of its 2.5" screen that has 200,000+ pixels, but I do not like the MemoryStick. Also, with F3.5 as the lowest aperture, am i correct in saying that night photos will not be as good as the Casio's F2.6? Still, that nice of a screen on that small of a camera is hard to come by...
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